Connect to financial data from gig economy with our API


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Connect to financial data from gig economy with our API

Some of Belvo’s latest updates include full support for its Gig Economy product, which is up and running in Mexico but also now available in Brazil and Colombia as part of our BETA program.

Things are moving fast at Belvo! Last month we announced our arrival in Brazil, where we are growing quickly and already offering full support to companies wanting to access financial data both from banks and gig economy platforms.

Thanks to this, fintechs can already start building their own financial products using data from Uber and Rappi.

Now we extended this service in BETA mode to new countries. We also made improvements in our widget user experience and added more banking institutions in Mexico.

Global product support for gig economy API

We now officially support our Gig Economy product in all our markets. Rappi and Uber are fully available in Mexico and also in Colombia and Brazil as part of the BETA program of our API.

You can learn more about our gig economy coverage here.

If you are interested in taking part of our beta, please contact us at

Gig recurrent links

In addition to going live in all countries with our gig economy API product, we now let you create your gig links as recurrent links.

As soon as you create a gig recurrent link, we will automatically and asynchronously load all past transactions and information about the ownership. We will then notify you, using your webhook URL, as soon as the history of transactions and owners is loaded and available for you to access.

You can learn more about our gig recurrent link capabilities in our developer portal:

Widget update mode

The Connect Widget can now be used to update a link that requires a new password or a new MFA (multi-factor authentication) token.

In some scenarios, a link needs to be refreshed to retrieve fresh data:

  • The password connected with the link has been changed by the user.
  • The institution requires a new MFA token to login.

You can now ask for this password or token using our plug and play Connect Widget: no need to build anything on your side!

You can read more about how to use the Connect Widget in update mode here.

More banks in Mexico

We keep improving our coverage in Mexico adding the following banks:

Business banks

We have recently added Banamex as a new institution to our BETA support of business banks in Mexico. Along with BBVA, Banorte, Santander and Banregio, we now cover +70% of business accounts in Mexico. If you are interested in taking part of our beta, please contact us at

Retail banks

We added Hey Banco as a new institution to our retail bank support in Mexico.You can see our up to date coverage of business and retail banks in Mexico here.Soon there will be more exciting new features and updates. If there is something that we can do to improve your experience with Belvo, please let us know by sending us a note to Your feedback is very important to us!

We can't wait to hear what you're going to build