Life at Belvo: Gui and the importance of being a ‘challenger seeker’


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Life at Belvo: Gui and the importance of being a ‘challenger seeker’

Business-driven and passionate about the world of Open Finance, Guilherme Wenceloski is a true challenge seeker, who is always looking for ways to improve but who also challenges Belvo “to be better every day”. 

Working from Brazil as an Account Executive, he enjoys sharing with a group of people the feeling of being part of a “unique moment” in a company that can “make a difference” in peoples’ lives. 

In this chapter of Life at Belvo, Guilherme Wenceloski shares with us some of the things that he enjoys the most about working at Belvo as an Account Executive in the Sales Development team in Brazil, as well as what led him to pursue a career in the Open Finance ecosystem.

What is your role at Belvo?

Currently, I am an Account Executive at Belvo. To be more precise, I work inside the sales development team in Brazil. My main responsibility is to talk to our customers, promote the use of our API platform, understand the demands coming from the market and help more and more innovative companies to implement Open Finance models.

Could you describe a typical day for you at Belvo, what are some of the challenges you face? 

My routine is very focused on serving our customers, I organize my day-to-day to participate in calls and meetings for negotiation, qualification, and validation of our solution with our customers. During a typical day, I divide my time into helping Brazilian companies understand more about Open Banking and Open Finance, proposing ways for them to use our API, and to innovate in their business, product, or service. 

In addition, I work together with our commercial team in the strategy and planning of our sales funnel, which must be aligned with the company’s goals. 

It’s an intense and dynamic routine because I work directly with very different companies, both traditional firms, and startups, that seek to understand Open Finance. Together with them, I help make possible agreements that will allow them to access the full potential of these new models.

What attracted you to sales?

I have a very sales-oriented profile, as I am driven by goals and business execution. During my professional career, I have developed commercial skills that I carried with me long before I became a salesperson. I am a pro-business person and the challenges of this career path motivate me to always evolve and seek my best version. I believe that the sales area is very much aligned with my personal purpose of connecting innovative businesses and people.

And how did you end up working in Open Banking? 

The world of Open Banking first came into my life in 2017, when I was working in a well-known financial institution in Brazil. At the time Open Banking was advancing in Europe and the Central Bank of Brazil was starting its proposal about regulation here. I remember being amazed by the topic! 

Last year, in 2020, with all the changes that the world was going through, I started to find new meaning and rewrite my professional career. That was when I read for the second time the book Donut Economics, by Kate Raworth, and understood that I wanted to work in something that would contribute to the revolution of the financial market. 

I see in Open Banking and Open Finance the opportunity to work with the empowerment of people who for a long time have been unserved. Also to work with innovative businesses that will democratize and include financial services in the lives of thousands of people. This attracted me and continues to attract me to work with Open Banking.

What attracted you to work at Belvo? 

The size of the challenge ahead of us. Belvo came into my life when I wanted to work with a company that could make a difference in people’s lives. So, when I first know about Belvo and discovered what it was doing through its API platform –facilitating Open Finance to be implemented in more companies– I was sure that this was the company I wanted to be a part of. I would even add that throughout my selection process, and still, now, the attraction and engagement only increase as time goes on. 

Belvo challenges me every day to be better, and the reciprocal is also true: I challenge Belvo every day to be better

What motivates you most about your work in this area? 

Helping innovative businesses to reach the next level with their products and services. And the fact that, through our customers, our solution allows thousands of people to get access to better financial services. 

And what do you like most about working in a company like Belvo? 

Definitely, Belvo’s team!

Here we have a group of extraordinary people, out of the ordinary, who understand the importance of what we are building and always look for excellence. The environment that we have and the culture that we are building allow each individual to express themselves and evolve. 

We know that it is a team effort, and together we will always go further. What I like most about Belvo are the people who, like me, believe in our mission and always seek to overcome our challenges.

Are you more of a home-based or office worker? 

I have enormous freedom at Belvo, being able to work both in the office and at home. Now that the security measures against COVID are always in place, I have preferred to work in our office, where the environment is dynamic and we have a lot of fun. But I won’t deny that on rainy days I prefer the comfort of the home office!

What do you like to do in your free time outside of work? 

I divide my free time between some hobbies like climbing, playing tennis, and reading, and I also like to explore the city or travel. During my free time, I try to make the most of my time with my girlfriend, my dog and visiting nice places in São Paulo.

Who is someone who inspires you? 

I believe that several people have inspired me throughout my life, both personally and professionally. Some athletes like Guga Kuerten, tennis player, or Airton Senna, former Formula 1 driver. And also people from my family, who often inspire me by their moral fiber.

But to pick one, I must say that Gustavo Ziller: entrepreneur, and mountaineer, has inspired me since 2016 with his trajectory conquering the seven summits (the highest mountain in each continent) and, also, for his work as a “people entrepreneur.” Ziller has inspired me to pursue a more balanced life, connected with my purpose to help connect innovative businesses.

Why would you recommend someone to work at Belvo? 

Because it can awaken the best version of themselves in people who allow themselves to live this unique moment. The challenges that we have here make us evolve, professionally and personally. I recommend working at Belvo because I understand that the market and the mission that we want to fulfill depends on good people along with us. 

In the end, I always say, here at Belvo we are living a unique moment, allowing more and more innovative businesses to emerge and provide better services. We are democratizing and empowering people, so if any of that is attractive to you, I definitely recommend Belvo!

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