Life at Belvo: How Fer navigates different business areas as a Product Manager

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Life at Belvo: How Fer navigates different business areas as a Product Manager

Today at Life at Belvo, Fernanda, our Product Manager in Data Acquisition, shares her day-to-day and the unique path that led her to product management.

She may have entered the tech and product world “by chance”, but Fernanda has always shown some of the key characteristics a Product Manager at Belvo must have, such as an ability to understand customer needs and speak the language of both the worlds of revenue and technology.

In this chapter of Life at Belvo, she tells us about what her days working at Belvo look like, how she got into product management and her search for new hobbies outside the office – from music to skydiving.

What do you do at Belvo?

I am a Product Manager in the Data Acquisition squad, where our mission is to offer financial data from a variety of sources – from financial institutions to apps like Uber and Rappi.

My role is to ensure the intercession between business, technology, and our customers, working between these three entities to make sure we’re looking at the right problem. The expected result is the delivery of a product that makes sense for the market and the business as a whole.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

My day-to-day is a mix of making sure our current integrations are working as expected and discovering new data sources that might help our customers in their businesses.

That means having many new meetings with clients and with our team, diving into our numbers in order to identify new opportunities, transform these opportunities into solutions and ensure that we deliver them. 

How did you start working in Product Management?

I always joke that I am a product manager “by accident”.

As a teenager, I used to sell beauty products and met a lot of people through that. One of them was a startup founder who noticed I had good customer skills and encouraged me to apply for a job as a Customer Success Manager.

In this position, my role was to deliver success for customers and ensure more revenue for the company. To do this, I needed to understand my customers’ business very well, as well as the product I sold. One thing I liked to do was to understand what other opportunities we had with our customer base, and with that, I ended up proposing new products! At one point they said, “Wow, the job you have looks a lot like product management” and that’s when it hit me!

From then, I started my career transition and I am very happy doing what I do.

And how did you arrive at Belvo?

I was working at a different company and first learned about Belvo while I was developing a Personal Finance Management product. At that moment, I was amazed by Belvo’s solution, and, check it out, today I’m here! 

What are for you the biggest challenges and the best parts of being a Product Manager?

I believe that the biggest challenge, and at the same time the best part of being a Product Manager, is the responsibility to lead by influence. I am very happy to know that my work has a huge potential to influence the careers of the people who work with me because the products we work on together will be showcased for the rest of our careers. If we make the best decisions together, and that turns into a successful delivery, we will all have amazing experiences to guide our next steps as professionals.

Are you more of an office person or a home office one?

I enjoy a bit of both. 🥳 I like to have an office/coworking space close by so I can go when it fits me better. As an extrovert, it’s often good to meet people in person to exchange ideas about the challenges and have organic conversations about random stuff. But at the same time, I love the opportunity to be able to stay at home and make my time more productive – for example, being able to go to the gym at lunchtime. I am very happy that at Belvo I have the opportunity to experience the best of both worlds!

What would you say to someone joining Belvo?

My main advice for a new Belvoer would be to be open to living something totally different. I feel like everyone here is constantly out of their comfort zone in a good way, starting from the fact that we basically spend our whole days speaking in a second language.

Being out of our comfort zones means everyone at Belvo is ready to share, help, and learn together, so being open to this opportunity to grow is very important. 

Fernanda, Product Manager at Belvo

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I am actually trying to find a new hobby right now so I can answer this kind of question without saying “sleeping” [she laughs]. I have been trying singing lessons and hot yoga and discovered that things that make me focus really hard at a specific moment are good for me. I recently even went skydiving, and loved it! I really want to do it again. 

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