Life at Belvo: A day as an Engineering Manager with Aristo


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Life at Belvo: A day as an Engineering Manager with Aristo

Aristo Meneses describes himself as the lead ‘meme maker’ at Belvo who also works as Engineering Manager during his spare time. Living on the sunny East coast of Spain, and working remotely, he particularly enjoys the flexibility and freedom that working in a company like Belvo offers him to be able to “master his own time”, as well as the possibility to work in a dynamic and fast-changing environment that pushes him to solve big technical challenges every day. 

In this chapter of ‘Life at Belvo’ we find out more about him and his job leading a team of engineers:

What does it mean to be an Engineering Manager? 

Being an Engineering Manager at Belvo means that you work closely with the different product managers to help their teams excel in their tasks. 

It also involves maintaining a continuous feedback loop with our engineers to work on their needs, help them develop and grow their careers.


What is your favorite part of the job? 

I’ve always been a big fan of sports. To me, it’s fascinating to hear those stories about teams that have defeated all the odds and achieved greatness. What made them excel over the rest? How did they manage to build a solid group of humans who cared about each other and worked together to accomplish a common goal? 

At Belvo I found myself surrounded by a group of amazing people and I feel like I’m part of that kind of story I have always been a fan of. 

I had never found such motivation at work before I joined the company. And that’s definitely what I like the most about working at Belvo.

What’s the biggest challenge in your day-to-day?

Have you ever heard about rubber-ducking? It’s a common technique used by developers that requires making an explicit effort to explain problems out loud (sometimes literally to a rubber duck) in other to find solutions that you might have missed before. 

Well, you can think of me as an “interactive rubber duck”. I help people to find solutions to the problems they run into. But many times -and more importantly- it involves guiding them to focus on the facts and discover the root causes.

“But that doesn’t sound that hard” you might think. How about doing it in a company that has grown in team size by x8 in less than two years?

What made you choose Belvo as a company? 

I’m Belvo’s employee number 2, when I had my first interview I took a train from Valencia to Barcelona and met with Uri and Pablo. What I found was two guys with ambitions that were way bigger than that little office we were in, but what made me bet on Belvo was their humbleness and sincerity

I could see that they were not just doing the typical startup sales pitch. This was a no-bull conversation, and it made me think that even if we didn’t achieve all of the goals they had in mind, these were the kind people you would want to share the journey with.

What’s for you the best perk of working at Belvo? 

Living in Valencia means great weather, longer days, many great places to eat, and more. So, having the possibility to work remotely at Belvo I’m a master of my own time. It gives me all the flexibility I need to balance my work and life while enjoying all the good things of living here.

What keeps you busy outside of work? 

Gante, my labrador dog. He demands to go to the park three times a day, no matter what the weather is: he gets to sniff all the corners in the park.

What would you say to someone joining Belvo? 

Belvo is that company where you feel truly valued by your colleagues. We are always eager to help each other, we celebrate our victories together, and also support each other on our downs. 

When you join Belvo, you feel welcomed since day one, and somehow very soon it feels like you’ve always been part of the team, not like the “new one”.

We are a team with strong ties and we are very proud of it!

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