Life at Belvo with Jon: when ethics, principles, and values are a 'match'


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Life at Belvo with Jon: when ethics, principles, and values are a 'match'

Few people demonstrate as clearly an unwavering commitment to their job as Jon Ojeda, Risk and Compliance Manager at Belvo. A lover of soccer, his family, and true principles, Jon leads the efforts to ensure that ethics and integrity are rigorously present across the whole company’s operations.  

Anyone who has crossed paths with Jon in his day-to-day life at Belvo knows that when he says that ethics and compliance are not only part of his job, but also part of his view on life, he truly means it. 

In charge of leading Belvo’s compliance and risk management program, Jon collaborates every day with different teams across the company, spreading his enthusiastic approach to work to help apply the highest ethical standards throughout the organization. 

Here he tells us a little more about what working at Belvo is like for him: 

What is your role at Belvo? 

I work as Risk & Compliance Manager and Compliance Officer for Belvo from Mexico. My responsibility is to implement the Global Compliance and Risk Management Program so that Belvo follows the highest international compliance standards in all the countries where we operate. 

The main challenge of this role is to ensure that our program not only provides security but also protects and safeguards the integrity, reputation, and honorability of our clients, business partners, and employees.

Could you describe what a typical day is like for you at Belvo, what are some of the challenges you face? 

Honestly, every day at Belvo is thoroughly enjoyable, it’s amazing to work with such talented and inspiring people! 

Without a doubt, a normal day for me at Compliance is quite dynamic and fun, as I get to dive into all of the company’s projects in order to provide each of them with a view of compliance and adherence to national and international regulations. One day I can see marketing or product issues, and the next day operations or engineering. As you can see, this helps me to be very updated on everything that happens in the company, which makes my responsibilities much easier.

Regarding the challenges, the implementation of a true compliance program by itself is a huge challenge, since it is not only about writing policies, but also about making a “tailor-made suit”. That is, adapting the policies and controls to our business model, type of customers, geographies, products, etc. 

“But, undoubtedly, the dynamic way of working at Belvo, its culture, the teamwork, and the type of leadership that is exercised, make this challenge an adventure that I enjoy very much.”

Jon Ojeda, Risk and Compliance Manager at Belvo

What led you to work in Compliance?

When I was in university (yes, a very long time ago!) I had the opportunity to be an intern in the compliance area of an international financial institution. That’s where I discovered my true call and passion. At that moment I knew what I wanted to do and I also confirmed that I had what it takes to be a compliance professional: unwavering ethics and values.

And from there, the rest is history! Little by little I forged my career in the world of compliance. 

And what made you decide to work at Belvo? 

For me, the most important thing is that the place where you work makes a perfect match with your professional ethics, your values, your vision, and your philosophy. In my case, this means that the most important thing is people. 

From the first contact with Belvo -which was with the People team-, I was captivated by the kindness towards the candidate and the wonderful culture. Then I had the opportunity to talk with the founders Pablo, Uri, Giuseppe [VP Engineering], and Maya [Regulatory and Legal Lead], and I have to confess that I instantly clicked with them and their vision of compliance for Belvo. 

At that moment I said: “This is where I belong!”


What do you like most about your work in this area? 

Always doing the right thing, fighting for values, ethics, and honesty in business, as well as protecting the reputation of the company, its employees, customers, and business partners. It is a great responsibility that requires great commitment.

What do you like most about working at a company like Belvo? 

The people, the diversity, the culture, the leadership, and the commitment to innovation and the democratization of financial services.

When you wake up and look forward to the first meeting of the day and see your colleagues, you know you’re in the right place.

Are you more of a home-based or office-based worker? 

I am more of an office person, I love the interaction with my colleagues, and the main task of a Compliance Officer is to be able to advise and support all areas in these matters. 

What do you like to do in your free time outside of work? 

What I enjoy most is spending time with my family, watching a good movie (I love horror and comedies) and of course soccer! My favorite Mexican team is Club America and my international team is AC Milan. 

In my youth, I played in the basic forces of my dear team Club America and in Club Pumas UNAM, which made me love this sport even more.

Jon Ojeda, when he was a player in the professional soccer team Club Pumas UNAM in Mexico.

Who is someone who inspires you? 

Without a doubt, a character that has always inspired me is Eliot Ness. 

Why would you recommend someone to join Belvo? 

Because every day is an adventure, every day is fun and because at Belvo you can be yourself, you can develop your talent, and because it is a company with true ethics and values. 

I have had the opportunity to work in other companies and financial institutions, but Belvo is another level!

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