Product update: Nequi is available in Colombia

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Product update: Nequi is available in Colombia

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Last month, we focused our efforts to empower our Categorization product: we added more features and increased our coverage. We also launched the first edition of Open views 22, the first event where open finance meets Latin America. We added a new institution in Colombia and we gave some love to our Investments product.

Nequi: available in Colombia

This year we are strengthening our efforts in Colombia to promote open finance and work closely with financial innovators to develop solutions that are tailored for this market. And as coverage is key, we just release a new institution: Nequi 🚀

You can now retrieve all the endpoints of our Banking product: accounts, balances, owners and transactions. With this new addition in da-house, we currently support nine institutions in the country including Bancolombia, Banco de Bogotá and BBVA. You can check the full list on our documentation.

If you’re interested to know more about the state of open banking in Colombia, we recently talked to Erick Rincón, president of Colombia Fintech, about the regulation in the country.

Categorization: tangible and processed insights from transactions

Our revamped Categorization product is pumped with very cool features! It turns raw and unstructured transactional data into a feed of actionable items ready to be displayed in your app. These are the features we currently provide:

  • 14 standardized categories for transactions
  • Merchant’s name
  • Merchant’s logo
  • Website URL
  • Transactions in Spanish and Portuguese

Our industry-leading product identifies transaction categories and merchants with 88% coverage and 83% accuracy. You can extract real value from clean and categorized transactions to accelerate your decision-making and get a granular view of your users’ financial health.

Other product updates

We recently launched our Investments product and since then we gave it a lot of love! We have added support for investments portfolios in our recurrent links. From now, when you create a recurrent link for an institution that supports investments, Belvo will automatically fetch investment portfolios data and keep this information up to date.

This means that as soon as a banking recurrent link containing investment portfolios is created, you will receive a historical_update notification whenever the investment portfolios list is available for you to access.

Filter resources available for every institution

We’ve just released a couple of features that now allow you to identify the resources supported by any given institution, such as accounts, owners, transactions, and so on.

Combine this with our institution filters and you’ll always receive just the institutions you want in the widget and in the API.

Open views 22

We officially launched the first edition of Open Views 22, the event where open finance meets Latin America! The virtual event powered by Belvo will take place the 18th and 19th of May and will bring together relevant players in the open finance ecosystem.

Fintech startups, financial institutions, VC funds, and other players including Visa, BBVA, Rappi, Mastercard, Neon, Nubank, and many more will share their views on the challenges and opportunities of the new wave of financial innovation with a special focus on Brazil and Mexico.

Have a look at the detailed agenda and register now to save your seat 🎉


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