Introducing Rappi BETA, bank recurring links, and more


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Introducing Rappi BETA, bank recurring links, and more

We have recently updated our platform, and we would like to share some exciting new features with you:

Rappi BETA

We added our second institution to our Gig-economy aggregation product with Rappi. It is coming in addition to our existing Uber integration in Brasil and Mexico.

We now have a very complete API integration allowing developers to pull all transactional and personal information from Uber and Rappi drivers and riders. Things like rides completed, payouts, ratings, fees paid, etc.

You can learn more about our Gig-economy coverage here.

Bank recurrent link improvements

We have made a lot of improvements in our bank recurrent links to offer a better developer experience for you.

As soon as you create a bank recurrent link, we will automatically and asynchronously load all past transactions, all available accounts in the link and information about the ownership. We will then notify you, using your webhook URL, as soon as the history of transactions, accounts and owners is loaded and available for you to access. You can learn more about our bank recurrent link capabilities in our developer portal 👇:


We have also improved our sandbox environment to now fully support recurrent link testing. You can now create recurrent links (both for bank and fiscal) in the sandbox environment, configure a test webhook URL and receive new test data on a daily basis.

Transaction categorization BETA

In the last months, our data science team has been working hard on the first version of our transaction categorization intelligence.

We are now able to assign a clean category to most of our transactions in Mexico and we started to collect precious feedback from early adopters as part of our BETA program.

You can read more about transaction categories and how to access them in our API reference.

If you are interested to be part of our BETA, please contact us at

We can't wait to hear what you're going to build