Empower B2B businesses with receivables data

Access receivables data from every transaction made through a point-of-sale (POS) machine. Improve your day-to-day operations and offer better financial services to retail commerces including restaurants, retail stores, and SMBs.

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Use cases

Retrieve historical receivables data and gain granularity on transactions

Improve credits models and offers for retail businesses

Access receivables’ new data set to include it in your models and eliminate the operational burden of maintaining connections with acquirers’ institutions. Get granular insights about sales transactions, better understand the business’s cash flow, and make more accurate forecasts. B2B lenders can incorporate these insights into their underwriting models and create new features for their credit models.

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Reconcile transactions from retail businesses

By retrieving receivables transactional data and sales insights from every transaction made through a POS machine, ERPs gain granularity about every operation between retailers and acquirers. Accessing this new data source allows them to display receivables in real-time in accounting software and better guide retail commerces’ customers. ERPs can now simplify their reconciliation processes and add an extra layer of data to monitor their business customers’ economic activities.

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Focus on what matters, build what your users need

Visualize all user’s accounts through a single API

Integrate your business users’ receivables with other data sources to get a 360° glimpse of their economic activities.

Understand your customers better

Provide more granular and better insights about your customers’ economic activities and financial situation.

Faster new business clients’ onboarding

Quickly access and gain information about your customers’ key business metrics and economic activities directly from its source.

Improve your credit approval rate

Integrate receivables data in your credit models to create new features that can strengthen your credit decisions and help boost your approval rate.

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