Personal finance management

Build smarter money management apps with open banking

Give your customers an easy and secure way to connect their financial information to your PFM app. Access enriched and categorized data about their financial behavior and provide them with more personalized insights.

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Data aggregation

Get a consolidated financial view

Aggregate all accounts in one place

By accessing and analyzing your customers’ accounts data you’ll be able to calculate their overall financial situation including their cash balance, debt, and state of their loans and pensions.

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Identify spending habits and patterns

Access your customers’ transactions data to improve your ability to identify trends, anticipate saving opportunities, and provide better proactive recommendations.

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Data enrichment

Turn raw data into actionable insights


Categorization: crystal clear and enriched transactions

Our categorization engine translates your customers’ raw, unstructured transactional data into a clean feed of actionable items that are ready to be displayed and fed into your app.

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Income verification: understand and predict financial stability

Find out the type, currency, and frequency of your customers’ income and predict how it will evolve over time to assess their financial stability.

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Recurring expenses: identify and monitor user’s regular payments

Get a granular view of your user’s monthly recurring expenses on subscription services, cyclical payments, and periodical transfers. Better understand their financial health and provide them with tailored-made financial advice.

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Focus on what matters, build what your users need

Connect all accounts in one place

Get an instant snapshot of all your customers’ financial accounts through a single platform.

Understand your customers better

Access real-time information about your customers’ financial behavior directly from its source.

Extract real value from financial data

Receive clean and categorized data to accelerate your decision-making and provide a better UX.

Increase engagement

Increase satisfaction and engagement by providing personalized and proactive recommendations.

Save time and reduce manual processes

Automate how you collect and process financial  data to speed up your response time. 

Accelerate time to market

Streamline your processes to connect to multiple financial sources and focus on building your app.

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Belvo helps us make the data collection process faster so we can pay more attention to analyzing this information and bring better insights to users. We are able to view categorized transactions the moment the platform has access to the accounts.
Rodrigo Matihara, Mobills CTO
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