Unlock the power of open finance in Latin America

Reach new audiences and convert more users by easily and safely connecting to their financial data, understanding their behavior and enabling instant payments with open finance.


Connect financial data, understand
behaviour and move money

Join the hundreds of financial innovators that already trust Belvo to make their
business more efficient and generate new revenue streams through a single open
finance platform.


Connect to the data
you need

Easily and safely access the broadest range of financial data sources, including banking and non-banking data, to get a full picture of your customers’ financial activity and offer custom-made products.


Translate raw data
into insights

Speed up decision making and save time thanks to the insights provided by our machine learning models: access categorized transactions, income predictions, recurring expenses, and risk assessment in seconds.


Move money seamlessly

Raise your conversion rates with seamless account-to-account payments connected to the main banking payment rails in the region. Operate secure and instant payments to streamline checkout experiences, top-ups, and more.

Powering success stories across all industries

  • Optimize recurring payments
  • Facilitate top-ups
  • Credit risk & Lending
  • Payments
  • Personal Finance
  • Accounting & ERP
  • Onboarding & KYC


Optimize recurring payments

Allow your customers to securely and easily store their data to make and schedule payments automatically from their bank account. Optimize the collection of credits, policies, subscriptions, and other monthly payments.



Facilitate top-ups

Increase the usage of your wallet by offering simple top-ups directly from your customers’ bank accounts, in just a few seconds, securely.


Credit risk & Lending

Improve risk assessment processes

Increase conversion rates and reduce default risks by improving your credit scoring and underwriting models with real-time and enriched financial data



Increase conversion rates at the checkout

Boost your sales and reduce dropout rates at the checkout by allowing your users to make simple and secure payments directly from their bank accounts.


Personal Finance

Help your users make smarter financial decisions

Save time analyzing data and offer your customers unique insights to better manage their money through categorized and enriched transactional data.


Accounting & ERP

Automate accounting processes

Reduce manual errors in accounting and simplify expense management by connecting automatically to financial sources like banking and fiscal data.



Increase account openings and simplify onboarding

Instantly authenticate users with data from trusted sources to simplify your onboarding process and increase account openings while reducing fraud.


The standard in open finance in Latin America

Enterprise-grade infrastructure

Rely on the most secure, reliable, and robust platform in the market that complies with standards such as ISO 27001 as well as regulatory licenses.

The best coverage in Latin America

With proprietary technology and +140 connected institutions, Belvo’s aggregation solutions are the fastest and most comprehensive in Latin America.

High-quality data enrichment

Obtain out-of-the-box financial behaviour insights based on proprietary machine learning and AI-powered models trained with billions of transactions.

Build and launch at speed

Ship new solutions easily and in no time thanks to our no-code tools and resources. Extract a clear ROI from open finance from day one.

Proven ROI to power your business


Accounts connected to Belvo-powered apps


Processed and enriched transactions


Sources of financial data connected


Opt-in rate from customers to connect accounts

What our clients say

“Open finance allows us to complement the information we have about our customers and with this additional information we can make better credit decisions”

Brigitte Brousset

Head of financing

“When you show users the benefits of sharing their financial data through open finance, you achieve a successful business model”

Miguel Londoño


“The best thing about the product is the immediacy and simplicity with which they share information. It provides a lot of security by being within a clear regulatory framework and being fully digital”

Alex Wieland


We can’t wait to hear
what you’re going
to build

Belvo does not grant loans or ask for deposits