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Speed up your decision-making and cut costs by using enriched financial metrics to understand your users better.

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Why trust Belvo

Data intelligence in our core

By connecting and analyzing transactions from millions of users through Belvo-powered apps, our machine learning models improve every day to benefit our customers.

We do the heavy lifting

Our solutions translate raw data into categorized and standardized information that is ready to use, saving time and effort to focus on what matters: building great products for your users.

Security is our obsession

Belvo uses bank-grade security standards and complies with privacy, security, and regulatory best practices and certifications, including ISO 27001.

Transform raw data into actionable insights


Categorization: transactional data made clear

Automatically transform your customer’s raw transactional information into standardized items ready to be displayed and understood. Our industry-leading solution identifies categories and merchants with 90% coverage and 85% accuracy.

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Income verification

Income verification: measure financial stability

Detect users’ income from bank accounts to get a real picture of their financial health and ability to pay. Access high accuracy data to improve your credit scoring models and reduce risks when granting loans.

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Recurring expenses

Recurring expenses: understand financial habits

Understand users’ recurring spending patterns on platforms such as Netflix, gym subscriptions, and utility payments such as electricity. Obtain insights about their repayment risk for loans or offer them advice on how to improve financial health.

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Risk insights

Risk insights: power up credit models

Access a complete set of high-quality enriched metrics about your customers’ financial health built on historical transactional data. Improve your underwriting processes with information from sources like checking accounts, credit history, and loans.

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How our clients use enrichment

“Our goal is to bring to Brazilians the option of embracing a new range of opportunities while paying affordable credit rates”

Bruno Vannucci

Head of Business Operations

Retrieve data with the most complete aggregation solution in Latin America

Access a wide range of financial data sources, from banking and fiscal to gig economy apps, to better understand your customers and offer personalized products.

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Belvo does not grant loans or ask for deposits