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Online betting payments, safer and simpler

Increase conversion and reduce drop-out rates by allowing players to easily onboard your app and safely top up their accounts in seconds.

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Better UX: fewer steps and no QR codes

Over 30% of traditional Pix QR codes are never used. This improved flow requires fewer steps and provides automatic redirection improving conversion rates.

Enhanced security and risk reduction

Traditional QR codes are easily forged. Instead, allow your users to authenticate their payments directly through their bank account, with less risk of fraud.

Authenticated payments reduce chargebacks

Open Finance allows you to validate your customer’s personal information and balance before validating the payment to decrease fraudulent payments and refunds.

Instant top-ups and fraud prevention

Forget about QR codes and switching apps

Users can easily top-up their accounts in seconds, with automatic redirection to their bank app and no need to scan QR codes. Reduce drop-out rates and improve security.

Validate payments before they happen

Confirm that the user’s ID matches that of the account holder being used before processing the payment. Avoid fraudulent accounts and quickly detect anomalies.

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