Payment Initiation

Receive payments via Open Finance directly from your platform

Enable payment initiation through an easy-to-integrate enhanced flow with automatic redirection and only six steps to finalize the transaction. As a Payment Initiator authorized by Brazil’s Central Bank, access the regulated Open Finance ecosystem while increasing conversion rates, reducing costs and fraud risks.

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Instant bank payments with enhanced security and UX

Within a regulated Open Finance framework

As a Payment Initiator authorized by Brazil’s Central Bank, our solution allows you to accept payments from all institutions participating in Open Finance with the highest security measures in place.

Fully ready-to-integrate

We provide a complete solution, from back to front, that’s easy and fast to integrate, available for web and applications. We offer users a transparent experience, guiding them at every step of the payment.

Receive instant payments through a link

Our technology allows you to easily embed and share a payment link into the channel of your choice (WhatsApp, email…) to better target your customers in your payment funnel.

Frictionless user experience

Reduce your payment process to only 6 steps and keep your users on your payment journey from end to end. Increase your conversion rate and bring more efficiency to your payment processing.

Make instant account-to-account payments on top of the Open Finance ecosystem

An optimized payment flow to improve conversion rates

Lenders can get money faster with an optimized payment journey in which only 6 steps are needed to finalize a payment. The redirection to the banking app is automatic with a minimal impact on the customer journey until finalizing the transaction.

With instant bank payments, your borrowers enjoy a seamless experience that makes loan repayments easy, leading to better conversion rates.

The solution is fully compliant with the legislation and security regulation imposed by Brazil’s Central Bank. Money transfer is instantly done from bank to bank and neither you nor Belvo handles money.

Make recurring collections hassle-free and frictionless

With payment initiation, your users don’t have to switch applications manually. The payment process can be completed in one flow, improving conversion rates.

Better target your customers in your payment funnel by easily creating a payment link and sharing it through the channel of your choice with our fully ready-to-integrate solution.

With a secure and instant payment method, a lot of businesses can take advantage of it, from telco to insurance or salary advance, and help them optimize their user payment journey.

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