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Accept Pix payments via Open Finance

Receive instant bank payments inside your app or website. Increase conversion rates, cut fraud and reduce costs. Delight your customers with a smoother payment experience.

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Trusted by the leading financial innovators

Instant bank payments with enhanced security and UX

Authorized by Brazilian Central Bank

Accept instant bank payments from all the financial institutions that are part of the Open Finance ecosystem.

Build and launch at speed

Speed up your integration time to start receiving payments within hours thanks to our full-stack and developer-friendly tools.

Receive instant payments through a link

Easily embed and share payment links with your customers, without writing a line of code, through your preferred marketing channel.

Reduce friction

Increase conversion and successful payment rates by allowing your users to complete a payment without leaving your app.

Instant account-to-account open finance payments

Hassle-free recurring collections

Facilitate easier recurring payments for things like utility bills, subscriptions, and collections where users can safely store their banking information for future transactions. Your user payment journey is optimized without the need to manually switch apps.

Offer a simple wallet top-up user experience

Increase your wallet usage and average account balance by letting your user make instant transfers directly from their bank account without having to leave the app. Eliminate the need for multiple logins and improve your app user experience.

Optimized payment flow to improve conversion rates

Streamline your loan collection process with a smooth in-app flow to the customer’s bank account. Less steps and a better UX compared with PIX or Boletos to increase repayment rates and offer a safe experience for your borrowers.

Validate users’ identities and reduce fraud

Verify that the national identifier from the user matches the one of the account being used before processing the payment. Avoid fraud accounts by adding an additional fraud prevention tool to your payment process. Quickly detect anomalies and reject payments before they occur.

Customer Service and Ombudsman

Belvo has a dedicated channel to support customers regarding any questions or other issues related to payments initiated through Belvo.

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With Belvo’s open finance payment initiation solution, our customers can top-up their accounts and buy Bitcoin without having to spend time in traditional Pix processes, such as Copy Paste, and this favors their user experience in our app.

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Belvo does not grant loans or ask for deposits