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Simplify payments and variable recurring payments with Pix

Authorized by the Brazilian Central Bank

Accept instant bank payments from all the financial institutions that are part of the Open Finance ecosystem.

Recurring payments optimized

Thanks to the new regulation, you can now offer Pix recurring payments to your users. Improve your retention rate by automating the collection of recurring payments.

Sale through Whatsapp

Offer Pix payments in your WhatsApp messages flows without complicated integrations. Increase your sales and improve your user experience.  

Reduce friction

Increase conversion and successful payment rates by allowing your users to complete a payment without leaving your app.

Instant and recurrent account-to-account open finance payments

Hassle-free recurring collections

Facilitate recurring payments for utility bills, subscriptions, and collections allowing your users to automatically schedule Pix recurrent payments. Optimize your payment journey and don’t wait for your customers to remember to pay you. 

Improve top-up experience for your betting app

Increase conversion and reduce abandonment rates with a simple and fast registration and payment experience. Authentication is done directly with Face ID, reducing the risk of fraud

Boost your repayment rate with Pix recurring payments

Optimize your BNPL or credit collection business with Pix recurring payments. Improve your repayment rate by reducing the risk of missed payments. Enhance the user experience by automating payment schedules, ensuring hassle-free and timely payments. 

Simple wallet top-up user experience

Increase your wallet usage and average account balance by letting your user make instant transfers directly from their bank account without having to leave the app. Eliminate the need for multiple logins and improve your app user experience.

Reduced cart abandonment with a better shopping experience

Simplify your checkout process with an end-to-end payment flow within the app. Fewer steps and more efficiency than traditional Pix or boleto to boost your sales.

Pix new features

Recurring payment optimization

Pix recurring

Anyone can schedule transfers of fixed amounts via Pix according to the desired periodicity.

Smart transfers

Automatic circulation of funds between accounts held by the same person. 

Pix automatico

Any company can offer customers the option of automatic Pix payments for recurring expenses, whether fixed or variable.

No redirect journey

After initial bank approval, it will be possible to approve Pix payments using biometrics.

With Belvo’s open finance payment initiation solution, our customers can top-up their accounts and buy Bitcoin without having to spend time in traditional Pix processes, such as Copy Paste, and this favors their user experience in our app.

Luiz Parreira

Customer Service and Ombudsman

Belvo has a dedicated channel to support customers regarding any questions or other issues related to payments initiated through Belvo.

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Belvo does not grant loans or ask for deposits