Enhance credit scoring
and risk decisions with open banking

Access real-time and enriched financial data to improve your credit scoring and underwriting models. Build innovative and secure lending experiences for your users while reducing risk and manual workload.

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Data aggregation

Improve risk assessment with direct access to financial data

Get a comprehensive view of users’ financial status

Access your customers’ accounts data, as well as holder information, to calculate their overall financial situation including cash balance, debt, loans, and pensions.

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Power your credit scoring models

Access and analyze the balance of your customer’s checking or savings accounts to improve your scoring models and assess customers’ credit eligibility faster.

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See spending trends with categorized data

Analyze transactions data to better understand your customers’ spending patterns over a given period of time and whether they have credit products with banks or other lenders.

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Data enrichment

Turn raw data into actionable insights


Income verification: understand and predict financial stability

Find out the type, currency, and frequency of your customers’ income and predict how it will evolve over time to assess their financial stability.

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Recurring expenses: identify and monitor user’s regular payments

Get a granular view of your user’s monthly recurring expenses on subscription services, cyclical payments and periodical transfers. Better understand their financial health and make more insightful risk decisions while reducing risk.

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Risk insights: boost the accuracy of your credit scoring models

Access a complete set of high-quality enriched metrics to better understand the user’s risk profile built on historical transactional data. Use these insights to optimize your risk assessments models, offer lower interest rates, get higher margins, and reach wider audiences.

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Focus on what matters, build that your users need

Increase conversion rate

Increase the likelihood of loans being approved by measuring your potential customers’ financial situation with high accuracy.

Identify and reduce risk

Improve underwriting processes by assessing your customers’ real spending and financial behavior.

Automate processes and reduce costs

Improve user experience by replacing manual and timely data recollection.

Expand product eligibility

Improve the precision of your credit scoring models, lower operational costs and prices for your customers.

Unlock new audiences

Reach a wider range of potential customers by accessing alternative sources of financial information.

Give faster answers

Speed up the underwriting process by automating data analysis and reducing the waiting time for loan applications.

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Belvo’s cutting-edge technology, industry know-how, and top-notch support have enabled us to connect to the majority of banks in Mexico and truly enhance our product.
Rain Sepp, Askrobin CEO
The best thing about the product is the immediacy and simplicity with which they share information. It provides a lot of security by having a clear regulatory framework and being fully digital.
Alex Wieland, Aplazo COO
Belvo provided us with a very complete product since it developed a solution that allows us to have a simple onboarding with real information about the distributors.
Derek Bayly, Minu Product Manager
We can't wait to hear what you're going to build