Credit Risk

Reduce credit risk with open finance transactional data

Improve risk assessment processes by accessing historical and enriched transactional data, sourced from your customers’ accounts. Get a clear picture of their financial activities, better assess affordability and provide tailor-made credit products.

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Strengthen underwriting processes while reducing risks

Increase loan underwriting volume

Include new sources of data from your customers’ accounts to expand credit eligibility and increase credit lines granted.

Improve credit conversion

Access enriched transactional data to offer more personalized repayment conditions to your customers while increasing your loan acceptance rates.

Better informed loan decisions

Make better-informed decisions using clean and standardized data to incorporate into your underwriting models and improve affordability assessment.

Improve assessment processes with transactional data insights

Get a holistic picture of your users’ finances

With open finance, your customers can easily and safely share their banking information to facilitate their financial assessment. Analyze this one-of-a-kind source of data to understand spending patterns and habits over time, accurately assess and predict their income, and identify loans and credit card repayments status. Get a thorough understanding of their financial behavior and improve the accuracy of your underwriting processes.

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Offer personalized credit products and solutions

By gaining visibility about your users’ daily spending patterns and financial behavior, you can better understand their credit needs and repayment capacity. With these insights, lenders have a new data source to better assess affordability and provide more personalized credit offers and repayment rates. While you reduce payment default risks, you increase your loan acceptance rate by providing credit products adjusted to users’ financial behavior patterns.

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Maximize the value of raw transaction data

Our categorization engine uses machine learning to classify raw transactions into 15 categories and 94 detailed sub-categories.

We provide deep insights on income and credit and loan categories to capture the unique nuances of the lending industry, supporting lenders with the granularity they need to make data-driven decisions.

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We have a very accurate user profile assessment because with Belvo we have the possibility to see everything first hand without having to wait for them to send us documents.

Viviana Gómez

CEO and Country Manager

Using Belvo’s data, we reduced our credit risk by half.

Joao Paulo Borges

Head of Credit

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Belvo does not grant loans or ask for deposits