Simplify onboarding flows in your app using open banking

Connect your app with your users’ up-to-date financial data to instantly authenticate their identity and streamline your KYC processes. Use open banking data to automatically verify your customers’ financial details since day one.

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Data aggregation

Streamline your authentication and KYC processes

Verify the ownership of accounts

Retrieve data about the accounts holder’s details such as their full name and address to verify their information replacing manual collection processes and reducing risk fraud.

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Get a comprehensive view of users’ financial status

By looking at your user’s accounts, you can extract the correct bank account type, number, and institution to ensure that you’ll always have the right information to manage your clients’ transactions.

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Verify your customers’ fiscal information and status

Automatically verify your clients’ fiscal and personal information from SAT such as their fiscal ID and their personal details to avoid errors and reduce manual processing.

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Focus on what matters, build what your users need

Improve user experience

Streamline your onboarding by cutting out manual processes to verify your users’ banking and personal information.

Instantly verified information

Access real-time data about your customers’ financial activity directly from its source to reduce risk.

Extract real value from financial data

Receive clean and categorized data to accelerate your decision-making and provide a better UX.

Increase conversion

Reduce the sign-up process to just a few seconds to multiply the number of users that finish the registration process successfully.

Save time and reduce manual processes

Automate how you collect and process financial data to speed up your response time.

Accelerate time to market

Streamline your processes to connect to multiple financial sources and focus on building your app.

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"Belvo provided us with a very complete product since it developed a solution that allows us to have a simple onboarding with real information about the distributors"
Derek Bayly, Minu Product Manager
"The automatic process will make life easier for investors who often find it very difficult to access the identification data of their pension plans"
Cristiano Falcone, CCO at Saksv

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