Onboard customers and stay compliant

Connect your app with your users’ up-to-date financial data to instantly authenticate their identity and streamline your KYC processes. Use open finance data to automatically verify your customers’ financial details since day one.

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Simplify onboarding flows with open finance

Instant account verification

Eliminate the need to wait for data validation by using verified information that comes directly from your users’ bank accounts.

Better user experience

Simplify your customers’ experience when connecting their bank accounts by eliminating the need to enter any data manually.

Fully compliant and secure

Belvo uses bank-grade security standards and complies with privacy, security, and regulatory best practices and certifications, including ISO 27001.

Streamline your authentication and KYC processes

Instantly verify accounts’ ownership

Retrieve real-time data directly from your users’ bank accounts to check account holders’ details such as their full names, bank numbers and address. Access real-time financial data from your customers to avoid manual errors and reduce the risks of fraud.
Replace manual and time-consuming collection processes with a single API integration always compliant with the latest security requirements.

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Improve the onboarding experience

Open finance eliminates the need for the user to manually submit documents and automates how you extract and process financial data. Always work with correct and up-to-date information while cutting out manual processes.
Reduce your dropout rate up to 25% and cut short the sign-up process to just a few seconds while you speed up your response time and focus on building your app.

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Belvo is helping us automate our processes without the need to deal with the legacy systems of banks.

Angel Buzany


The automatic process will make life easier for investors who often find it very difficult to access the identification data of their pension plans.

Cristiano Falcone

Head of Growth

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Belvo does not grant loans or ask for deposits