Optimize conversion for top-up and onboarding experiences

Create secure and frictionless onboarding and top-up experiences in your fintech app or wallet, while improving user engagement and increasing conversions with open finance payments.

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Maximize conversions and combat fraud

Improve your customer’s top-up experience

Benefit from the same cost per transaction from Pix or direct debit while offering 20% increased conversion rates. 

Process verified and less fraud-prone payments

Reduce fraud risk thanks to real-time bank authentication ensuring that only authorized and verified payments are made.

Reduce dropout rates

Provide a better experience with an uninterrupted user flow that leads to conversion rates 20% higher than Pix. 

Onboard easily and securely

Instantly verify a user’s identity, reducing the need for manual verification and improving the onboarding experience.

Discover the possibilities of open finance for crypto platforms

Crypto Top-ups

Increase usage with faster top-up experiences

Help your users make faster deposits in your app to buy crypto with instant payments directly through their bank account. Increase user engagement with an uninterrupted experience with fewer steps and more protection against fraud while maintaining the same cost per transaction.


Faster, more secure onboarding

Increase account openings with seamless onboarding, leveraging Belvo’s coverage of over 90% of banking customers in Latin America. Establish trust with your customers through efficient and secure identity verification processes.

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Belvo does not grant loans or ask for deposits