Best-in-class aggregation from financial data sources in Latin America

Access the widest range of financial data sources, from banking and fiscal, to receivables data, to better understand your customers and offer personalized products.

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The best coverage in the market

With 60+ connected institutions and 90% market coverage, Belvo’s aggregation is the most comprehensive in Latin America, covering main players across different financial verticals.

User experience designed for conversion

Our solutions follow the best UX practices to guide users to connect their accounts, driving conversion with an opt-in rate of over 70% in banking connections.

Security is our obsession

Belvo uses bank-grade security standards and complies with privacy, security, and regulatory best practices and certifications, including ISO 27001

The most complete offer of Open Finance data sources


Access the most complete data with a single integration

Access financial data sources such as accounts, balances, or transactions to build a 360° vision of your customer situation and gain clarity about their financial activity. Use this data to improve credit models, reengage inactive or rejected customers, and delight existing clients with personalized offers.

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Aggregate tax data for individuals and businesses

Access fiscal data from personal and business customers to better understand their financial activity and tax compliance situation. Gather information from data points like invoices history and income statements, and apply insights to improve credit decisions, identity verification, fraud prevention, and more.

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Access point-of-sale data to empower B2B businesses

Access historical transaction data from point-of-sale (POS) machines exclusively through Belvo. Use this information to improve B2B landing capabilities, especially for small and medium businesses, and build the next generation of ERP services for retail businesses and SMEs.

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How our clients use aggregation

Thanks to Belvo, we were able to reduce Facio’s credit risk by 50%. We see Belvo as a partner for all Open Banking possibilities.

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Make the most of Open Finance data through enrichment solutions

Get to know Belvo’s enrichment toolkit that makes Open Finance data even more powerful through categorization, income verification, recurring expenses, and risk insights.

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Belvo does not grant loans or ask for deposits