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Connect Widget: connect to your users’ accounts in seconds

Speed up your integration by using our easy-to-use Connect Widget solution. Through a secure and optimized authentication flow, users can easily connect their accounts with your solution.

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How it works

Access your users’ financial data in real-time
through an optimized user journey

A customizable easy-to-use solution

Our Connect Widget is an easy-to-use account authentification interface, available for both web and mobile applications. It currently supports all our aggregation products: banking, fiscal, investments and receivables data. It can be customized according to the needs or specific use cases of every business to better engage with your customers.

Optimized for any financial institution

Built on top of UX best practices, the widget offers high conversion rates with maximum security and encryption to protect customers’ data. Users are always in control of their data sharing settings and can seamlessly connect their accounts. We handle all the connection parameters for every institution and type of connection required (password, 2F and MFA authentication or QR code).

Smooth and transparent onboarding

Instantly connect your solution with your users’ sourced financial data to automate account verification and reduce the sign-up process to just a few seconds. Reduce manual and tedious processes, while creating a better onboarding experience with faster response times and making sure your solution is always compliant with the latest security requirements.

The easiest way to connect financial institutions and users’ data

Widget optimized for conversion

We automatically handle all possible scenarios that users may face when connecting their accounts, to have the best conversion rates.

Improve the onboarding experience

Simplify your customers’ experience when connecting their bank accounts by eliminating the need to enter any data manually.

Save development time

Integrate the Connect Widget into your solution in just minutes and save months of development to focus on building your product.

Compliance and security first

Belvo is ISO 27001 certified and we follow the highest international security standards to protect customers’ information and data.

How does it work?

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