Let’s unlock the power of open finance in Latin America together

Belvo partners with the best companies in Latin America to help their customers focus on what really matters: build applications and services that solve big problems

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Trusted by the leading financial innovators

Fostering collaboration among participants in Latin America is strongly needed to further develop the ecosystem

Default open finance player in Latin America

C0llaborate with the leading open finance player in the region and participate in building the future of finance in the region

Go-to-market collaboration

Partner with Belvo on joint go-to-market initiatives and activities to help boost profitability and drive revenue

Create connections

Participate in the democratization of financial services in Latin America through events, webinars, social media content, etc.

Drive innovation

Join an ecosystem of industry experts and advisors to use Belvo as an innovation platform for your business and clients.

Leading Financial Institutions

Bring the benefits of new models to more and more businesses and end-users, fostering financial innovation and inclusion.

  • Banks
  • Digital banks and neobanks
  • Credit decisioning companies

Referral partners

Help your clients unlock the power of Open Finance by leveraging Belvo’s leading presence in Latin America:

  • Know-your-customer platforms
  • Lending decisioning engines
  • Payment gateways and processors
  • Personal finance management (PFM) solutions


Implementation partners

Help customers integrate and build with Belvo 

  • Development agencies
  • Systems integrators

Ecosystem partners

Connect with leading players in the Latin America startup / fintech ecosystem

  • Venture capital funds
  • Accelerators and incubators
  • Leading players in the LatAm financial system

Belvo has been a leader in open finance efforts in the region for the last two years and has established great connectivity with many of the key financial players in our region.

Romina Seltzer

Senior VP of Products & Innovation

By getting Citibanamex closer to Belvo, we will accelerate our path to develop Open Banking capabilities while creating omnichannel, and deeply personalized, digital experiences and products for the benefit of our customers.

Sinead O´Connor Position

Corporate Director of Consumer Banking

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