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Get a new level of visibility on your customers’ income

Enrich your own data

Our product is compatible with transaction and income data from any source, whether you have an existing data set or you access open finance data.

Lending tailored metrics

We offer a wide range of fine-tuned income filters tailored to lending activities. Select applicants that match your credit conditions and increase your approval rate.

Visualize all income streams

Assess your customers’ income from multiple sources (e.g. freelance, rent, salary and more) to get a thorough understanding of their financial health and affordability. 

Optimize operational efficiency

Reduce time-consuming processes of manually verifying income and process credit applications much faster.

Accurately understand your users’ financial
stability and ability to pay

Improve credit assessment and approval rates

Gain insights into users’ income stability, spending habits, and overall financial health to better assess creditworthiness, including for no-hits or thin-file credit applicants.

By assessing income from multiple sources, you can provide better credit offers to more applicants with appropriate repayment rates. Increase your credit approval rates by 2% while maintaining the same default risk.

Simplify loan applications and reduce risks

Automating income verification helps lenders to reduce manual tasks and speed up loan approval processes. Easily identify risky behaviors such as unstable or irregular income related to a loan application.

You can process applications faster, based on more income data, and decrease risks and default rates.

How to optimize your credit cycle with income metrics?

Verify income with a new data source

Add an extra source of information to verify the income of Mexican workers with employment data.

Accelerate your credit decision processes and offer tailor-made credit products for consumers with little or no traditional credit history. 

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