Income Verification

Identify and predict income with open banking

Get a real picture of your customers’ salary by leveraging our high-accuracy data science models. Improve your knowledge of your users’ financial stability and ability to pay.

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Use cases

Accurately understand your users’ financial stability and ability to pay

Measure users’ stability of income

Detect your users’ income from bank accounts to get a comprehensive view of their financial health with high accuracy. Save time and reduce manual errors by fully automating the income verification process.

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Improve credit scoring and reduce repayment risk

By getting an overview of the main attributes of your users’ income, you can get an instant snapshot of their financial situation. Accurately understand their payment capacity, optimize your risk assessment process, and reduce risks when granting loans.

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Help your users obtain better returns

By obtaining a historical and detailed record of users’ transactions categorized as income, brokers can better understand their customers’ financial health and can help optimize their decision-making when investing in new portfolios or instruments.

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Get a real picture of your client’s income

Access enriched financial data

Access real time data and predict monthly income to automate credit decisions and reduce risks.

Analyze financial health

Measure the regularity and stability of your customers’ payments by feeding your solution with real time financial data.

Identify and reduce repayment risk

Detect income changes to foresee your customers’ ability to pay and assess loan applications faster.

Reduce manual workload and save time

Benefit from accurate data and create a smoother and frictionless user experience for your customers.

How it works

A few lines of code to retrieve any financial data



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