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Verify income and accelerate credit decisions
with employment data


Uplift on GINI coefficient

+ 10%

Approval rates increased


Successful data connections

Validate income with employment data and speed up lending processes

Accelerate credit decisions

Incorporating Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social (IMSS) data as a source to verify workers’ income and employment history can help eliminate manual processes and simplify the credit application process.

Lenders and micro-lenders can quickly verify the working stability of their borrowers through a high-trust flow that doesn’t require sharing of banking credentials. 

Offer custom-made credits conditions

Retrieve workers’ past, exact and current salaries, as well as enriched data about the evolution of their employment status. Thanks to this you can provide adjusted credit proposals and repayment conditions.

And as the information is updated if their working situation changes, you can adjust their credit card lines and salary advances accordingly. Your user assessment will always be up-to-date.

Improve financial inclusion

Social security data provides an alternative way to verify the affordability for the unbanked population with no traditional credit history. Better serve no-hits and thin-file credit applicants with new lines of credit for which they were previously ineligible.

Promote financial inclusion by building dedicated credit products for each segment of the Mexican population.

Data aggregation

A comprehensive view of employment data

Personal data

Access detailed information regarding the personal information of your user such as name, email, or birth date.

Social security

Get data about the individual’s social security contributions such as the number of weeks contributed or reinstated.


Retrieve data about users’ employment history such as their employer name, their monthly salary or the date when they started.


Get the income statement file as a PDF historical report.

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