What is Belvo for consumers?

Belvo allows you to safely and easily share your financial data with a growing number of innovative apps and services across Latin America, always with your consent and following the highest privacy and security standards.

Trusted by the leading financial innovators

A secure way to connect your financial data

Belvo acts as a technological intermediary between innovative financial and fintech apps in Latin America and the institutions where your financial data is hosted.

Thanks to Belvo, you can connect your bank or another financial institution account directly with the apps you choose to share your data with.

This process is protected by best-in-class security mechanisms and protocols to ensure that your data is always safe, never exposed, and never shared without your permission.

Enabling new financial services in Latin America

Our platform is trusted by a growing number of financial apps and services across Latin America. Over 2 million people have already safely connected their accounts to new financial apps that run on Belvo.

These are some examples of the innovative services you can get access to by connecting your accounts through our platform:

How does it work?

To connect your account, you need to enter the information which you normally use to access your financial institution, such as your username and password.

Belvo encrypts this information and securely extracts the data from your account using a read-only access mode, always with your permission.

Then, a secure connection is created with the app or service so that it can safely process the financial data you've shared with them and offer you better services.

What security measures does Belvo use?

Belvo places security and privacy at the heart of its platform. Our technology is safe to use thanks to the best-in-class tools, security standards, and expertise in our team.

Enterprise-grade security and compliance standards

Belvo uses bank-grade protocols and follows regulatory best practices to protect your account information and your privacy. We also adhere to and comply with the world’s most recognized security standards including ISO 27001.

Data is always encrypted

Our platform has been developed from scratch to ensure that the process of connecting accounts is carried out under the strictest security and privacy standards. User data never enters or leaves Belvo without being encrypted.

Best infrastructure security

We host our platform in Amazon Web Services (AWS), currently the gold standard in terms of data center security and availability, with strict access control measures and multiple protocols that guarantee the uninterrupted operations of Belvo’s services.

Constant monitoring and security policies

We carry out periodic tests on our platform and have a real-time alert system that detects and analyzes any security signal. We also apply strict information security policies throughout the company and audit our platform on an ongoing basis.

We can’t wait to hear what you’re going to build

Belvo does not grant loans or ask for deposits