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Access banking data to offer better financial services

Connect all accounts in one place

Get an instant snapshot of all your customers’ banking information through a single platform and improve user experience.

Scale your solution to other markets

Access more than 60 top retail and business banks in Latin America which represents more than 90% of market coverage.

Data secure and private

Belvo is ISO 27001 certified and we use bank-grade security standards and comply with privacy, security, and regulatory best practices.

Build a 360° picture of your customer

Retrieve categorized and up-to-date financial data directly from its source to get behavioral financial insights about your customers. 

Build better financial apps

Boost your customers’ financial management

Access homogenized transactional data and insights about your users’ income and financial activities to build a 360° vision of their finances.

Correctly map customers’ spending categories, income, as well as their recurring expenses and subscriptions, to create personalized finance management tools and better guide them with their daily finances.

Optimize credit decisions and reduce risks

Thanks to banking data, you can easily determine your consumers’ consumption patterns and get a sharp picture of their financial behavior.

Better assess their affordability and offer them tailor-made repayment options. Decrease payment default risk while you increase loan acceptance rates.

Convert raw banking data into valuable insights


Categorize and enrich transactions using machine learning

Our categorization engine accurately categorizes transaction categories with 85% accuracy.

Thanks to machine learning, we transform raw transactions into clear and comprehensive insights to offer an enhanced user experience.

Income verification

Assess users’ income from multiple sources

Assess your customers’ income from multiple sources (e.g. freelance, rent, salary and more) to get a thorough understanding of their financial health and affordability.

Thanks to AI-based models, improve your income verification capabilities and accurately understand your users’ financial stability and ability to pay.

Recurring expenses

Understand your users’ recurring spending habits

Understand users’ recurring spending patterns on platforms such as Netflix, gym subscriptions, and utility payments such as electricity.

Obtain insights about their repayment risk for loans or offer them advice on how to improve their financial health.

Risk insights

Improve the predictive power of your credit models

Retrieve a comprehensive list of pre-calculated and advanced metrics designed to speed up credit decisions.

Enhance your risk models with banking data directly fetched from end users’ accounts and better assess creditworthiness.

Data aggregation

Access comprehensive and detailed banking data


Access up to 24 months of standardized and categorized transactional data for personal and business bank accounts.


Get users’ account information and complete details on business and personal financial products held within each bank.


Retrieve account holder critical information such as name, email, and phone numbers.

How it works

The best coverage in the market

Market coverage means that we have quality, robust and scalable integrations that cover the majority of the population.









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Using Belvo’s data, we reduced our credit risk by half.

Joao Paulo Borges

Head of Credit

With Open Finance you can better understand customer’s profile as a whole in the market, look at other companies they work with and have access to this information, so you can offer more competitive credit offers.

Daniel Issa
Head of Merchant Credit

When you demonstrate to the user the benefits of sharing their credentials through open banking, you will have a successful business model.

Miguel Londoño

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Belvo does not grant loans or ask for deposits