Build reliable connections to access banking data in Latin America

Access real-time, up-to-date and categorized banking data to get a comprehensive view of your end-user and build frictionless financial solutions.

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Use cases

Access all the banking data you need to build financial solutions

Create inclusive and tailor-made financial solutions

Access a wide range of financial data sources such as accounts, balances or transactions categorized to build a 360° vision of your customer situation. Gain clarity about their financial activity and apply these insights to build inclusive solutions that address their needs.

Learn about how open banking benefits consumers

Optimize your credit scoring and reduce risks

Focus your underwriting processes on leveraging positive information based on real-time transactional data to reflect the real payment capacity and financial behavior of your customers.

Read more about how to improve credit scoring models

Eliminate proptech’s inefficiencies with banking data

By accessing end users’ banking information, proptech companies can validate their eligibility for mortgages, loans or rental contracts much faster, as well as speeding up the lending process and reduce risks about the user’s ability to pay.

See how open banking helps driving the proptech sector

Data aggregation

Access comprehensive and detailed banking data


Access up to 24 months of standardized and categorized transactional data for personal and business bank accounts.

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Get users’ accounts information and full details on business and personal financial products held within each bank.

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Retrieve account holder key information such as name, email, and phone numbers.

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Get a snapshot of an account’s balance or analyze balance evolution over time.

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Enrich your transactions with merchant data and category tags


Crystal clear and enriched transactions

Turn your customers’ raw, unstructured transactional data into a clean feed of actionable items that are ready to be displayed and fed into your app.
We support 14 different categories, with the ability to correctly classify +87% of them.

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Identify the merchant for any transaction

Access additional data regarding the merchant involved in any transaction. We return the merchant’s name, website, and logo.
Our product identifies transaction categories and merchants with 88% coverage and 83% accuracy.

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All the data you need through a single integration

Connect all accounts in one place

Get an instant snapshot of all your customers’ banking information through a single platform.

Understand your customers better

Retrieve real-time and up-to-date financial data about your customers directly from its source.

Scale your solution to other markets

Access more than 50 top retail and business banks in Latin America which represents more than 90% of market coverage.

Stop handling bank connections and save time

Automate your banking data collection and connect to multiple financial sources through a unique API call.

Automate processes and reduce costs

Improve user experience by replacing manual and timely data collection.

Keep your customers’ data secure and private

Belvo is ISO 27001 certified and we follow the highest international security standards to protect customers’ information.

How it works

A few lines of code to retrieve any financial data



The best coverage in the market

Market coverage to us means that we have quality, robust and scalable integrations that cover the majority of the population.


  • BBVA
  • Santander
  • HSBC
  • Citibanamex
  • Banorte
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  • Nubank
  • Banco Itaú
  • Bradesco
  • Caixa
  • Banco do Brasil
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  • BBVA
  • Banco Falabella
  • Davivienda
  • Bancolombia
  • Banco de Bogóta
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