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Optimize the automatic collection of recurring payments

Improve your retention rate

Thanks to the possibility of scheduling automatic payments, you can forget about chasing your customers and payments rejected accidentally due to negligence or expired cards.

Increase the efficiency of your operations

Reduce the costs associated with manual management of collections and improve your financial management by automatically receiving recurring payments.

Optimized and secure user experience

Easily verify the identity of your customers with a microcharge to their bank account and allow them to schedule their payments without leaving your app or website.

Direct debit for loan recovery

Automate and give your lenders the option to schedule their payments on the due date with direct debit. Increase the conversion and efficiency of your loan recoveries and reduce the risk of default with payments scheduled directly from users’ bank accounts.

Subscription payments automation

Optimize your subscription business by automating recurring payments, whether for policies, gyms, or service bills. Reduce the risk of delayed or cancelled payments due to expired or stolen credit cards. Collect from users directly from their bank account even if the amount varies each month.

Tailored to your business needs


Policy collection

Automate payments with direct debit to eliminate human errors and reduce manual collection costs of insurance policies.



Simplify and automate the tuition fee collection process each month, offering convenience for both educational institutions and students.


Sport and health

Automate payments to reduce the risk of delinquency. Avoid the loss of memberships due to late payments or expired cards.

Telecommunications and services


Avoid delays in monthly payments and reduce recovery costs. Improve the customer experience with a convenient and easy-to-implement payment method.


Magazines and online content

Direct debit helps you maintain a stable customer base by providing a convenient way to collect subscriptions from your users.

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