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Whitepapers and guides

Read our materials to get ahead of the latest trends in fintech and Open Banking.
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Open Finance Trends in 2021

In this report, we analyze the trends that will impact the adoption of Open Banking and Open Finance models in 2021 across Latin America.

Open Banking Uses Cases Guides

Learn how financial institutions are exploring these new models to bring benefits to both users and those who know how to anticipate opportunities.

The State of Open Banking in Latin America 2022

Report on the current state of Open Banking in Latin America in 2022 and an analysis of what’s ahead.

How to improve underwriting decisions

How to improve underwriting decisions

In this quick guide, you will learn how Belvo helps you with user income verification and makes the entire underwriting decision making process much faster.

How to extract ROI from Open Banking

This white paper aims to better understand the impact, benefits, and return on investment or ROI that open banking and open finance models are already bringing to the business of fintech companies around the world.


Security and Open Finance Guide

We’ve created a guide to help financial innovators understand how they can build applications on top of our Open Finance API platform while following the best security and privacy practices.

Customer stories

Find out how companies are building innovative financial products and services thanks to Open Banking APIs and the benefits that this is already bringing to thousands of users 
in Latin America.

Facio’s Customer Story

Discover how Facio is using Belvo’s Open Finance platform to reduce credit risk in its offering payday advance services.

Mobills’ Customer Story

See how the personal finance management (PFM) app Mobills makes faster connections with financial data using Belvo’s Open Finance solution.

Nibo’s Customer Story

Check how Nibo is using Open Finance engines from Belvo to speed up processes and increase the user experience.

Case Study with Enconta

In this case study, we showcase how Enconta is automating their customer’s accounting processes with Belvo. Available only in Spanish.

Case Study with Smart Lending

In this piece of content, we explain how Smart Lending is offering better credits thanks to our Open Banking platform. Available only in Spanish.

Case Study with askRobin

Belvo is helping askRobin offer their credit services to more people in Latin America.


Case Study with Jeeves

Specialized financing to grow SMBs and startups in Latin America.

Video tutorials

Watch our video tutorials to learn how to get started with Belvo in simple steps and make the most out of our platform capabilities.

How to get started with Belvo in five minutes

Belvo allows you to connect your app with data from any financial institution in Latin America. Get up and running with our API in less than five minutes by following these steps.

Get familiar with Belvo’s dashboard

Learn how to set up and manage the main features of your account, track your link activity, as well as getting your API keys, and configure things like recurrent links and webhooks.

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Belvo’s cutting-edge technology, industry know-how and top-notch support has enabled us to connect to the majority of banks in Mexico and truly enhance our product.

Rain Sepp


Belvo is helping us automate our processes without the need to deal with the legacy systems of banks.

Angel Buzany


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