Redefining payments in Brazil’s iGaming scene

Pix, Open Finance, and payment
innovations in Brazil’s iGaming future

This report aims to better understand payment trends in Brazil and the gaming sector and how Pix via Open finance is crucial for this industry in Brazil.

You will find out:

  • Payments trends for the iGaming industry and their growth in Brazil.
  • Pix via Open Finance: benefits for the online gaming sector, how it works, and remaining challenges.

Pix via Open Finance for the online games industry

Explore the benefits of implementing Pix via Open Finance for the online gaming industry, such as improving the efficiency and UX of payment
processes and staying compliant with regulations.

Because of its nature and suitability for micro-transactions, as well as its popularity as a modern and user-friendly solution, Pix has risen to become the market leader in Brazil’s iGaming sector.

Report by ENV Media

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