Recurring Expenses

Identify users’ regular payments for subscription services

Get an instant overview of your users’ recurrent spending habits on subscription services such as Netflix or Spotify, as well as other cyclical payments including electricity bills, loans, and periodical transfers. Easily understand their repayment risk for loans or offer them advice on how to improve their financial health.

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Use cases

Get a clear picture of your client’s recurring expenses

PFM: understand users’ spending patterns

Understand your users’ recurring spending patterns on platforms such as Netflix, gym subscriptions, and utility payments such as electricity. Soon, you will also be able to obtain data on regular or installment payments such as rent and mortgage.

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Credit: make more insightful risk decisions

Identify what percentage of your customers’ expenses take place on a recurring basis to better understand their financial profile, offer them personalized credit options, and reduce risk when assessing their eligibility for loans.

Empower your credit scoring model

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Access enriched financial data

Access real-time data and identify recurring expenses to improve how your customers manage their finances.

Identify savings opportunities

Understand the expenses that your customer is already committed to and identify how to reduce them to boost saving as well as optimize their financial health.

Reduce credit risk

Analyze spending patterns to foresee your customers’ ability to pay and offer tailored-made credit solutions with low risk.

Get a granular view of users financial health

Connect the data with other sources of financial information to get an overview of your users’ financial situation.

How it works


A few lines of code to retrieve any financial data



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