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Leverage categorization to build a more comprehensive credit analysis

Tailored for credit and risk

Each category is carefully crafted to capture the unique nuances of the lending industry, providing lenders with the precision they need to make data-driven decisions.

Best coverage on the market

We provide 15 primary and 94 detailed categories, with detailed insights on income and lending categories. Our models achieve 85% accuracy and are available in Spanish and Portuguese. 

Enrich your own data

We categorize transactional data from any source, whether you already have a data set or you access open finance data. We apply our categorization AI-powered engine and you receive insightful data, ready to use.

Constant improvement

By connecting and analyzing transactions from millions of users through Belvo-powered apps, our AI-powered models are trained daily to identify new metadata. 

Product features

Turn raw transactions into standardized and enriched data

Transactions categorization

Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, our categorization product achieves 85% accuracy when identifying the correct category for each transaction. We currently classify transactions into 15 primary and 94 detailed categories tailored for credit and risk and are trained to identify income, lending and repayment categories and potential risk expenditure.

With detailed sub-categories such as income, credit and loans or gambling, we provide lenders with the granularity they need to make data-driven decisions and build better lending tools.

Plug your own data

Our enrichment feature allows financial institutions and lenders across Latin America to easily categorize transaction data from their own sources, such as core banking data or open finance data.

You send us your raw transactional data through a secure API, and we apply our categorization engine powered by machine learning. We send you back clean and insightful data to help accelerate your product performance, save time and improve the efficiency of your day-to-day operations.

How to optimize your credit cycle with categorized data?

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