Enrich your transactions with merchant data and category tags

Translate your customers unstructured transactional data into actionable items ready to be displayed. Our industry-leading product identifies transaction categories and merchants with 88% coverage and 83% accuracy.

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Use cases

Turn raw transactions into standardized and enriched data

Accurately understand the behavior of your customers

Collect and classify your users’ transactions easily and automatically. Discover how they spend and save money to offer them a clear picture of their finances.

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Build innovative lending solutions

Enriched categories and merchant metadata can help you identify top score drivers such as: high and stable income, credit repayments, bank account charges and more. By accessing alternative sources of financial data, reach users without or limited credit history and increase your applicant pool.

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Automate bookkeeping and reconciliation processes

Regroup expenses by categories and merchants to keep a clear track of the economic activities of any business, better understand their financial health and automate cash flows.

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Extract meaningful and actionable insights from raw data

Save time and focus on what matters

Feed your solution with standardized and enriched transactions ready to integrate in any application.

Access to the best coverage on the market

The product is trained with millions of transactions powered by Belvo’s connections and it improves daily thanks to our growing database across Latin America.

Extract real value from transactions

Receive clean and categorized transactions to accelerate your decision-making and provide a better UX.

Get a granular view of users financial health

By identifying the category and key information about the merchant involved in every transaction, get to know your user’s finances in detail.

How it works

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