Improve accounting processes

Get a snapshot of customers’ finances with tax data

Reduce fraud risk, boost financial operations efficiency and get to know your customers’ financial activity better by accessing fiscal data from SAT and DIAN.

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Optimize company’s financial operations health

Reduce fraud risk

Reduce the risk of document forgery and errors by replacing manual processes with the automated collection of unforgeable data from fiscal institutions.

Monitor customers’ economic activity

Assess the economic activity of your business customers through different data sources and evaluate their financial performance.

Fully compliant and secure

Belvo uses bank-grade security standards and complies with privacy, security, and regulatory best practices and certifications, including ISO 27001.

Understand your customers’ fiscal and economic situation

Financial health evaluation and prediction

By safely accessing your customers’ verified fiscal data, you can retrieve current and past financial statements, as well as the structure of the company’s cash flow and their tax compliance situation. You can also understand the commercial relationships between customers and providers and their financial health as well. With these new insights, you can quickly assess the economic activity of your customers and help them to better manage the company’s finances and optimize their day-to-day operations.

Explore Nibo’s use case, a Brazilian BFM

Accurate account verification and KYC processes

Open finance helps you verify your customers’ identity and tax information in a matter of seconds, replacing long and tedious processes that require manually inputting their details. By sourcing the unforgeable data directly from the fiscal institutions (SAT or DIAN) of your customer, you can quickly run a background check about the company finances and assess if there is any suspicious activity such as tax default or non-compliance.

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The service we provide is totally transparent thanks to the integration with Belvo, it’s much faster and error-free.

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