Enhance credit decisions with open finance

Access up-to-date and enriched financial data to improve your credit scoring and underwriting models. Build innovative and secure lending experiences for your users while reducing default risk and manual workload.

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Accelerate and optimize credit decisions

Reduce credit default risk by 50%

By combining automated data collection and tapping into new data sources, lenders can determine customers’ payment history more accurately.

Identify and reduce frauds

Speed up users’ onboarding by instantly verifying their identity, income and financial health with real-time data from their bank accounts.

Increase your credit funnel

Access alternative sources of financial data and reach a wider range of customers, expand your loan applicant pool while increasing your loan acceptance rate.

Make your credit decisions more efficient and inclusive with open finance

Offer tailored products based on users’ financial transactions

Access customers’ transactional data as well as different financial products contracted in other institutions to determine their consumption patterns. Through open finance data, decrease payment default risks by 50% providing tailored offers with more suitable repayment conditions and increase credit approval rates up to 30%.

Identify users’ regular payments

Streamline loan application processes

Remove hassle from the traditional KYC lending process by offering customers a seamless onboarding experience to set up their financial profile. Access KYC details, account information and clean transactions while eliminating manual tasks. By accessing real-time financial data, lenders reduce friction and errors while streamlining the loan application process.

Account verification with Belvo

Expand your customer base with less risk

Open finance data unlocks new audiences using third-party channels and alternative sources of financial information. By leveraging positive data such as income as well as data from sources such as fiscal entities, you can feed new customers in your credit funnel and increase your loan application pool. Multiply your loan underwriting volumes by 2 while consolidating your creditworthiness.

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Discover Lending analytics: our new feature for lenders

Through Belvo’s dashboard, access raw data from banks, fiscal institutions or gig economy platforms as well as enriched data such as income or categorized transactions.

Without writing a single line of code, lenders can now access open finance data ready to download in XLS format.

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Using Belvo’s data, we reduced our credit risk by half.

Joao Paulo Borges

Head of Credit

Belvo (...) provides us with real-time information to ensure that our customers get the best possible credit, while significantly reducing the risk of fraud.

Barry Spain

Head of Credit

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