Go live in minutes with our no-code solution

Say goodbye to the hassle of coding and designing to access open finance data. With the Connect Page, you can easily create a professional landing page that aligns with your brand’s aesthetic and start accessing open finance data in minutes.

Trusted by the leading financial innovators

Leverage open finance insights without writing a line of code

Focus on what matters

Acquire user information in its original form as XLS, making it easy to incorporate into your credit analysis.

Reduce manual workload

Receive accurate data sourced from your user’s bank to create a smoother user experience for your customers. 

Save integration time

No coding required – simply connect the connect page to your marketing efforts and start collecting data in a matter of days.


Access open finance data and insights without development

Add your brand and connect

Integrate Belvo by customizing the Connect Page with your brand elements. When the landing page is ready, share it through targeted marketing campaigns (emailing, text messages, WhatsApp…). Your customers can easily and safely connect their accounts. 

Say goodbye to long hours of development

Belvo’s Connect Page allows you to access valuable open finance data without requiring any coding skills. This means that your development and product teams can focus on other important tasks and projects, freeing up valuable time and resources.

Improving credit decisions

Integrate these new insights in your current credit models to reinforce credit decisions. Enrich your credit scoring with transactional data or new data sources such as fiscal, to improve the predictive power of your models and increase your loan acceptance rate. 

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