Personal Finance Management

Drive smarter financial behavior

Give your customers an easy and secure way to connect their financial information to your PFM app. Access enriched and categorized data about their financial behavior and provide them with more personalized insights.

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Extract valuable insights from your customer’s financial behavior

Connect all accounts in one place

Get an instant snapshot of all your customers’ financial accounts for all products contracted in any institution through a single platform.

Understand your customers better

Access clear and ready-to-process transactions as well as income insights from your customers’ financial behavior directly from its source.

Increase engagement

Increase satisfaction and engagement by providing ultra-personalized and proactive recommendations that fit your customers’ economic situation.

Open finance to boost personal finances

Centralize all financial activities in one place

Access all your customers’ financial activities and holdings contracted in different financial institutions in one place. Verify your users’ recurrent income, categorize transactions and analyze their spending patterns while reducing manual tasks to get a clear and holistic picture of their financial health. Thanks to open finance, you’ll be able to learn their cash balance, debt, and state of their loans and pensions.

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Unlock data-driven insights for your customers

Retrieve your customers’ transactional data in clear and actionable items to identify how they spend and save money and get a comprehensive picture of their financial health. Create ultra-personalized tools within your application by integrating merchants identification and flagging recurrent expenses for subscription services to identify spending trends, anticipate saving opportunities and provide better proactive recommendations.

Turn on Categorization

Enrich and categorize your own data

Safely send us your customers’ raw transactional data. In a matter of minutes, we analyze and apply our categorization engine powered by machine learning, ready to integrate into your app.

Get highly accurate insights into your customers’ income and spending habits and streamline your data management processes by reducing the time and resources required to categorize and analyze financial data.

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Belvo helps us make the data collection process faster so we can pay more attention to analyzing this information and bring better insights to users. We are able to view categorized transactions the moment the platform has access to the accounts.

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CTO at Mobills

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Belvo does not grant loans or ask for deposits