Risk insights

Boost the accuracy of your credit scoring models and reduce risks

Access a complete set of high-quality enriched metrics built on historical transactional data to improve your creditworthiness analysis, leading to increased eligibility for loans, higher margins, and potentially lower interest rates for your customers.

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Use cases

Feed your risk assessment models with enriched open banking data

Build more powerful credit scoring models

Automatically retrieve the most relevant metrics to understand your customers risk profile by leveraging up to 90 days of already processed historical transactional data and integrate stronger predictive features into your credit scoring and underwriting processes.

Empower your credit scoring model

Help users improve their credit score health

Access a unique set of data to predict your customers’ credit worthiness including positive information such as income and transaction history. Build stronger relationships and increase customer satisfaction by helping them improve their financial health and credit score.

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Understand your user’s risk profile at a glance

Access enriched financial data

Access real-time and enriched insights about your customers’ financial situation through a single API call.

Reduce credit risk

Enrich your credit scoring models with transactional data from checking and saving accounts to improve the predictive power of your models and lower default rates.

Leverage positive information

Help improve your users’ credit score and loan eligibility by accessing a unique source of information including income detection and history analysis.

Save time and reduce manual workload

Benefit from a growing set of enriched risk insights and hundreds of dedicated data science hours without having a dedicated team to work on it.

How it works


A few lines of code to retrieve any financial data



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