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Leverage our expertise in financial data

We specialize in handling complex and diverse financial data. Our experience enables us to understand the nuances of different financial instruments, institutions, market dynamics, and relevant data sources.

Real-time data processing

Instead of relying on batch processes to post-processed all your open finance data, access features that can be used instantly, and significantly reduce the time it takes to approve a new product to your clients.

Continuous updates and improvements

We keep our feature engineering pipelines up to date with the latest industry best practices and improvements. Benefit from these updates without investing additional resources.

Focus on your core business, save time

Outsource feature engineering to save development costs and speed up your time-to-market. Leverage our pre-built features, ready to integrate into your models. 

Enhance risk models with open finance data
from end users’ accounts

Better assess creditworthiness

Complement existing data sources with predictive open finance indicators (income behavior, category spending patterns like gambling or travel…) to understand your customers’ risk profile.

Leverage advanced metrics on end users’ assets, credit cards, loans, balance evolution, cash flow and category-specific transactional data into your credit scoring and reduce risks. 

Personalized credits products

With real-time processed data, properly assess your customers’ debt burden, creditworthiness and ability to take on additional credits to better understand their credit needs and loan repayment capacity.

By offering credit conditions adapted to your users’ financial situation, you improve your approval rates without impacting the default rate. 

A comprehensive list of cleaned and pre-calculated features

Transaction Categories

Understand your customer’s spending patterns, as well as the composition and nature of their daily transactions.


Get a picture of your customers’ overall financial health by looking at the amount of funds in their accounts over time.


Understand your customers’ income and spending patterns (transactionality) and their financial habits.

Credit cards

Identify and understand your customers’ credit card usage habits.


Assess customers’ borrowing, repayment behavior and their ability to take on additional credits.


Gain insights into your customers’ cash evolution. We filter internal transactions to provide a better and more clear picture of the financial patterns of your users.


Get a snapshot of your users’ wealth and liquid assets.

How does it work?

Turn raw data into categorized and enriched data

Our machine learning engine correctly classifies raw transactions into 15 categories and 94 detailed sub-categories.

We provide deep insights on income and credit categories to capture the unique nuances of the lending industry, supporting lenders with the granularity they need to make data-driven decisions.

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