Open finance to drive the proptech industry

Perform an accurate financial analysis of your tenants’ and applicants’ eligibility with open data. Build innovative and secure proptech solutions that go beyond the scope of traditional real estate.

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Faster account verification and reduced default risks

Speed up account verification

Quickly verify the identity of the account holder and confirm legitimate income payments and account transactions.

Reduce credit default repayments

By analyzing the financial situation of potential tenants, companies can validate their eligibility for mortgages, loans and rental contracts.

Digitalize processes

Automate your data recollection from multiple sources while eliminating manual processes and inefficient paperwork.

Build powerful and innovative proptech solutions with open finance

Better validation for tenants’ mortgage eligibility

Assess the tenants’ eligibility to contract a mortgage by analyzing transactions’ patterns, income and recurrent expenses. Automatically verify past rental payments history as well as latest utilities recurrent bills to gain a full picture of an applicant’s financial situation. Increase the quality and the number of loans’ qualified prospects while reducing the risk of mortgage default repayment.

Identify users’ regular payments

Speed up account verification and enhance KYC processes

By connecting proptech solutions with open finance, tenants can share their financial data through a seamless process, without having to send any paper documents to verify their identity. You can confirm tenants’ financial resources, legitimate income and previous transactions in a matter of minutes. Focus on automating data recollection to speed up account verification and strengthen your KYC processes.

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Working with Belvo has been a very recommendable experience. The integration was very fast because the documentation is very well done and the communication with the team is always active. The product is continuously improving and we are always notified in time for us to adapt what is needed.

Patricio Beltran

Software Engineer

We can’t wait to hear what you’re going to build

Belvo does not grant loans or ask for deposits