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Payments without complications.

Don’t chase your customers anymore

Don’t wait for your customers to remember to pay you, automate recurring payments and save hours chasing your customers.

Say goodbye to high costs

With Belvo you can forget about high card costs and verify the account’s balance before processing the payment.

Everything happens within the app

Improve your users’ experience as they can connect their bank account and approve a payment in seconds without leaving your app.

Reduce fraud

Verify the identity of your users and check if they have enough funds to make the payment.

Connect to the only direct debit API in Mexico

Automate credit collection

Forget about manual processes and unpaid debts. Automate the collection of your credits and settle credit card payments securely and efficiently. Streamline and improve your collection management and reduce the risk of default with automatic payments.

Facilitate one-click purchases

Enhance your customers’ experience by adding direct debit as a payment method in your e-commerce. Your users can save their bank account details for future payments and make their purchases in just one click.

Optimize recurring payments

Automate recurring payments through direct debit to reduce failed payments and operational costs. Perfect for subscription and utility payments.

Boost wallet usage

Make it easy for users to top up their wallets without leaving your application. Enhance the user experience and increase account usage and average balance without additional fees.

Tailored to your business needs


Credits and cards

Automate the collection of your loans and settle credit card payments securely and efficiently. Reduce the risk of default and improve your daily credit operations.



Convert more buyers with direct payments from your customers’ bank accounts, maximize conversion, and reduce fraud.


Policy collection

Automate policy collection with direct debit to eliminate human errors, reduce operational costs, and workload.

Telco and utilities


Avoid delays in monthly payments and reduce recovery costs. Improve the customer experience with a convenient and easy-to-implement payment method.

Digital wallets and fintechs

Wallet usage

Create secure and frictionless account opening and top-up experiences in your fintech, crypto, or wallet app. Encourage usage and increase your app’s conversion.

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Belvo does not grant loans or ask for deposits