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Build the future of banking with open finance

Build stronger credit models, reach new audiences and personalize your offering by accessing and enriching your users’ banking data from other institutions and alternative sources.

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Unlock new revenue streams with open finance


Increase conversion rates

Our platform follows the best UX practices to guide users through the process of connecting their accounts driving conversion with an opt-in rate of over 70%.


Improve operations’ profitability

Acquire new customers through third-party channels with lowered acquisition costs and multiply by 2x the volume of underwriting loans.


Compliance and security

Belvo uses bank-grade security standards and complies with privacy, security, and regulatory best practices and certifications, including ISO 27001.

Offering better financial services through open finance

Strengthen credit risk models with transactional data

A consumer’s payment history is key to understanding financial health but credit history data covers only a part of the population with limited and often outdated metrics. With open finance transactional data, banks can integrate new parameters in their models to approve more loans without increasing risk profiles. Make more precise and automated decisions while reducing credit default risk by up to 50%.

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Reengage inactive or rejected customers with personalized offers

Leverage the potential of enriched transactions and open finance data to better understand your customers’ financial behavior and identify financial products contracted in other institutions. Analyze your users’ consumption patterns to provide tailored offers with more personalized conditions. Reach up to 34% of new product acceptance after a new offer campaign based on open finance data.

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Unlock new audiences to widen your funnel

Around 70% of bank loan applications are rejected based on users’ negative credit scores. Use open finance APIs as a source of complementary data to increase eligibility through third-party channels for ‘no-hit’ and ‘thin-file’ applicants. Reach new markets with lowered acquisition costs and grow your loan approval rates up to 30% for clients with little or no credit history.

Decrease credit risk by 50%

Enrich and categorize your own data

Safely send us your raw banking data or regulated open finance data. In a matter of minutes, we analyze and apply our categorization engine powered by machine learning.

You receive clean, homogenized and categorized transactional data, ready to display. Save time and speed up post-processing operations.

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We have a very accurate evaluation of the user profile because with Belvo we have the possibility to see all the data first hand without having to wait for documents to be sent to us.

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Belvo does not grant loans or ask for deposits