Unlock the power of fiscal data in Latin America

Turn fiscal data into meaningful insights for your business and better understand your customers’ financial behavior.

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Use cases

Get powerful insights from individual and business with fiscal data

Better credits solutions for SMEs

Fiscal data offers a very detailed view of the financial situation of a business through invoices history, income statements, and more. By automatically gathering this information directly from its source, lenders can accelerate underwriting processes and reduce costs.

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Help business users to better manage their finance

By easily and safely accessing your customers’ fiscal data, you can better understand their financial activity as well as their tax compliance situation. These insights can help you quickly assess their financial stability and provide better advice to manage their finances.

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Automating accounting and reconciliation processes

By connecting directly to the fiscal institution of the country, accounting and ERP companies can automate complex accounting tasks and reduce manual errors. Create frictionless experiences for your customers and help them reduce costs.

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Data aggregation

Access comprehensive and detailed fiscal data


Get all the information about the invoices sent and received by a person or a business that have been certified by the tax authority.

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Compliance Status

Retrieve information about whether a person or a business is complying with all their tax obligations.

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Get tax returns for individuals and businesses with all the granularity you need in terms of sources of incomes, deductibles, and more.

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Obtain a snapshot of a person’s or company’s fiscal situation and understand current fiscal obligations.

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Fiscal data for powerful insights

Save time and reduce manual processes

Speed-up and simplify your processes thanks to access to verified fiscal information.

Reduce fraud risk

Reduce the risk of document forgery and errors by replacing manual data recollection with digital processes.

Instantly verified information

Access real-time fiscal data about your customers’ financial activity directly from its source to reduce risk.

Increase engagement

Increase satisfaction and engagement by providing personalized and proactive recommendations.

How it works

The best coverage in the market

Market coverage to us means that we have quality, robust and scalable integrations that cover the majority of the population.


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