Account verification

Instantly verify identity and account ownership from trusted financial institutions

Your customers can’t wait to use their accounts with your app. Verify who they are and what they own from trusted sources: their bank, card issuer or the fiscal authority. Onboard and activate more customers with lower fraud and no manual work.

Trusted by the leading financial innovators

Instantly verify bank account ownership with a fluid user experience

Faster activation, higher conversion

Increase account openings with a seamless onboarding. Create automated onboarding experiences that take minutes instead of days. Forget long forms or micro-deposits.

Get rid of manual work

Increase operational efficiency by automating the verification process and save time and money.

Reduce fraud, increase revenue

Access real-time data straight from the user’s bank account to instantly verify account ownership, quickly detect anomalies and help prevent account takeovers.

Complement KYC processes with a simple and secure onboarding

Digital banks and wallets speed up onboarding processes

Remove lengthy forms and manual paperwork in your onboarding processes and let your users verify their bank account directly in your application. Users that want to activate or open a new account can do so by connecting their account directly in a few clicks. Digital banks can complement KYC processes and reduce their dropout rate by up to 25%.

Lenders can instantly verify account ownership, reducing fraud risk

Confirm that the user is the account’s rightful owner while reducing friction in the loan application process. By verifying loan applicants’ identity faster, they get approved quickly and credit approvals increase.

How it works

We have a very accurate evaluation of the user profile because with Belvo we have the possibility to see all the data first hand without having to wait for documents to be sent to us.

Viviana Gómez
CEO and Country Manager

Belvo creates an immediate and secure connection to our customer’s bank account where we can skip the process of manually uploading bank statements. This provides us with real-time information to ensure that our customers get the best possible credit line, while significantly reducing the risk of fraud.

Barry Spain

Head of Credit

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Belvo does not grant loans or ask for deposits