How to securely connect data with Open Finance

Learn the best practices for protecting your customers’ financial data

In this e-book, you will see how to build innovative financial products with Open Finance following privacy best practices when aggregating financial data.

You will read about:

  • How to build strong and secure connections between your app and your users’ financial data using an API platform
  • What are the encrypted mechanisms used to store and protect user credentials throughout the process of connecting to accounts
  • The key security protocols, policies, and standards – such as ISO 27001 – that must be followed to protect financial data

Discover how Belvo’s Open Finance platform connects your app with financial data in a simple and secure way

The financial market is undergoing an unprecedented transformation in Latin America. And if there is one current with enough incentive to change the paradigms of the banking industry, it is Open Finance. This whitepaper shows the paths that banks are taking in Latin America to gain a more holistic view of existing customers and win new ones that were being underserved by the financial industry.

“Open Finance gives us a much more holistic view of the financial position that our own customers are in today. And I think that’s super powerful for understanding what other products and other services are being used beyond us as a bank”.

Esteban Dominguez
Head of Digital Business Development at Citibanamex