Lending Analytics (BETA)

Visualize key open finance data to enhance credit decisions

Through Belvo’s dashboard, access key analytics and reports based on financial data directly from your users’ accounts. Access data from financial institutions as well as enrich data without writing a single line of code.

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How it works

Access raw open finance data without development

1. Customize and connect

Integrate Belvo, without development needed, by customizing the Connect Page with your brand elements. When the landing page is ready, share it through targeted campaigns directly from your CRM to your customers to allow them to easily connect their accounts.

2. Data download

Safely access and analyze customers’ financial data by retrieving income and transactional data in Belvo’s dashboard. Download the XLS file in which you’ll be able to recover raw data from banks or fiscal institutions, regarding what is your use case.

3. Deep dive into the data

Integrate the data and these new insights in your current credit models to reinforce credit decisions. Enrich your credit scoring with transactional data or new data sources such as fiscal, to improve the predictive power of your models and increase your loan acceptance rate.

Leverage open finance insights without writing a line of code

Focus on what matters

Retrieve users’ raw data, already in XLS format and ready to integrate into your credit models.

Reduce manual workload

Receive accurate data sourced from your user’s bank to create a smoother and frictionless user experience for your customers.

Save integration time

No development needed: integrate the Connect Page to your campaigns and start gathering data in a few days.

Improve risk assessment processes

Leverage positive information in your credit models by accessing new data sources such as income or transactional data history.

Miguel MenesesSales & Ops Team Leader at Creditea
Lending Analytics has contributed to improve our clients' experience, speeding up the response time and practicality when applying for their loans.
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