Streamlining access to credit with and Belvo

Julio Orozco

Julio Orozco Marketing Manager in Mexico


Streamlining access to credit with and Belvo

With Belvo’s open finance solution, is making it possible for more and more Mexicans to have access to credit.

In countries like Mexico, where only 57% of the population has access to credit and where 39% of adults still resort to informal financing instruments, financial inclusion becomes a very important challenge, which is why is positioned as a secure and reliable solution for accessing credit almost immediately. is a company focused on granting loans to any customer segment that requires an immediate and efficient credit solution just a few clicks away.

The company has a proprietary risk model that is characterized by being fast, but they had the need to access the information of their potential customers immediately and without having to resort to manual processes of document collection. By integrating with Belvo, they can now provide credit in just minutes

A clear increase in credit conversion and placement rates

Initially, requested documents from the client and they were reviewed manually, which made the process tedious, approvals took longer than necessary and they were faced with the fact that in many occasions the client did not know the requirements the company was asking for.

By starting to use Belvo’s open finance platform, the company began to see an increase in conversion and loan placement rates, with 20% of successful cases coming through Belvo’s open banking solution. In addition, they optimized all their processes to make them much faster and more transparent.

Learn more about and how it is using data extracted from open finance here.


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