Gig Economy

Get insights from gig economy accounts in Latin America

Access data from workers’ accounts in the main gig economy providers in Latin America to get a comprehensive view of their financial activity. Build next-generation products that are tailored to the specific needs of these workers.

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Use cases

Open finance to support gig economy’s growth

Consolidate financial inclusion of gig workers

The lack of financial history and the income fluctuation can make it difficult for gig workers to access traditional financial services. By recovering granular transactional data from their accounts in these platforms, you can draw a thorough picture of these users’ financial profile and create tailor-made solutions.

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Get a realistic view of gig workers’ risk profile

Assess the financial situation of gig workers with more accuracy by retrieving data directly from the platforms they work daily with. Refine your models to evaluate their debt capacity and increase your loans approval rate while reducing risks.

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Data aggregation

Access comprehensive and detailed gig economy data


Up to 12 months of standardized transactional data for gig economy accounts. Fully normalized and with rich insights.

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Retrieve additional information about the account holder such as name, ID number, mobile phone and more.

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Get gig workers’ accounts information and full details on financial products held within each gig economy institution.

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Data enrichment

Turn raw data into actionable insights


Categorization: crystal clear and enriched transactions

Our categorization engine translates your customers’ raw, unstructured transactional data into a clean feed of actionable items that are ready to be displayed and fed into your app.

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Merchant ID: identify the merchant for any transaction

Access additional data regarding the merchant involved in any transaction. We return the merchant’s name, website, and logo.

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All the financial data from gig institutions in one platform

Understand your customers better

Retrieve up-to-date financial data about your gig users directly from the main gig institutions.

Scale your solution to new audiences

Access other sources of financial data from bank accounts, investments portfolio or fiscal institutions and expand your coverage.

Connect all accounts in one place

Receive an instant snapshot of your gig users detailed transactions with all the platforms they work with through a single platform.

Accelerate time to market

Streamline your processes to connect to multiple financial sources and focus on building your solution.

How it works


A few lines of code to retrieve any financial data



The best coverage in the market

Market coverage to us means that we have quality, robust and scalable integrations that cover the majority of the population.


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