Get a 360° view of user’s financial investments holdings landscape

Access aggregated data from your user’s investments portfolio, up-to-date and ready to feed your solution. Bring together broker and bank accounts of a user through a single API call.

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Use cases

Centralize any financial data through a single API

Consolidate all your user’s financial data in a single application

Aggregate users’ portfolios and trade investments in a single application. Retrieve any financial data by connecting and visualizing broker and bank accounts directly in your solution.

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Optimize your customers’s returns

Help your users improve their returns and increase the profitability of their portfolio by getting an holistic view of their investments holdings across banking and broker institutions based on historical data.

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Investments portability

By centralizing a client’s financial data in a single application, you increase portability between brokers as well as investment products and trades. It also contributes to making investments transfers more agile and facilitating the client migration towards your solution in the most secure way.

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Visualize all user’s accounts through a single API

Integrate your users investments with our banking product to get a 360° glimpse of a user’s financial.

Control financial data

By having an holistic view of all the accounts and financial brokers that your customer works with, you can monitor their financial health and make better decisions.

Increase customer’s returns

Analyze investments performance and yield and sharpen your recommendations to increase your customer’s portfolio rentability.

Improve retention and increase customer’s acquisition

Provide better returns to your customers and through portability reach a wider range of potential customers with easy integration.

How it works

A few lines of code to retrieve any financial data



The best coverage in the market

Market coverage to us means that we have quality, robust and scalable integrations that cover the majority of the population.


  • Banco do Brasil
  • Bradesco
  • XP Investments
  • BTG Investments
  • Órama
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