The state of open banking in Latin America in 2022

state of open banking

Get to know the impact of Open Finance on LATAM financial sector.

In this report we look at the full picture of open banking in Latin America in 2022 and the following points:

You will read about:

  • Open banking and how it influences the hyper-growth of companies in the region.
  • The evolution from open banking to open finance
  • Regulation in the main Latin American countries
  • Open banking in unregulated countries
  • Predictions for 2022

Open Finance is triggering a new financial landscape throughout Latin America.

new chapter is now being written in the financial technology revolution in Latin America, and one of its main drivers is  –you guessed it – the open banking movement. 

Open banking APIs in Latin America are enabling the creation of more inclusive financial solutions that can provide financial services to millions of people for the first time. And, at the same time, help fintech companies and traditional financial institutions target new potential customers that were previously out of reach.