Adding developer resources

Isabel Cabrero

Isabel Cabrero Head of Marketing


Adding developer resources

Since we launched a few weeks ago we’ve been working very hard not only to help our first clients to go live but also to develop new resources to make our partner developers’ lives easier when looking to integrate Belvo.

This has been a common piece of feedback since we started working on pilots late last year and we’re very happy to be rolling out a series of new resources for our developer community.

The first resource that is now live is our Connect widget, which is a plug-and-play solution providing a secure and optimised authentication process for each institution. It’s also the smoothest way for users to connect their bank accounts within apps. Here’s a preview of the Connect widget on a demo website.

The end-to-end integration involves frontend-side and server-side configurations and is the quickest way to get set up in terms of customer-facing flows within your application. Everything is fully customisable and it can be fine tuned to the needs of your UI/UX, brand, style guide, etc. directly within the code snippet. More info about the Connect widget can be found here.


We have also released Webhooks to help developers build a more proactive and immersive experience for their users. A webhook is a web callback that Belvo can use to send notification events, for example when new transactions are available for a specific link. More info about Webhooks can be found here.

Until now, the main endpoints we had in our Banking API were Accounts, Transactions and Owners. We’ve now added a new Balance endpoint to allow developers to extract a specific account’s balance at any point in time. Some cool things can also be built with this endpoint, such as a trailing balance over time. This is the first Intelligence endpoint we’re releasing and we’re currently doing a lot of work in this regard to provide data enrichment and added contextualisationto the raw data that can be extracted via the Belvo API. More info about the new Balance endpoint can be found here.

Based on the feedback we’ve been gathering from our clients over the past few weeks, we have also compiled a list of commonly asked questions and launched our Help Center. It currently contains close to 60 questions split in different categories (e.g. API integration, Dashboard, Security, etc.) to ensure the integration with the Belvo API can be even smoother. The Help Center has been launched in English and Spanish for the time being. We will constantly keep this updated with the latest questions relevant to our developer community.

Next steps

There are other things we have been working on that will be going live very soon:

  • 🇲🇽Additional coverage in Mexico. We’ve finalised a couple of new banking integrations in Mexico that should push our coverage close to 90%.
  • 🏢 Supporting business accounts. In the coming weeks our API will allow developers to access data from business bank accounts.
  • 📑 Statements endpoint. Thanks to this endpoint developers will be able to extract account statements in pdf, binary or JSON to effectively obtain up to 24 months of data pretty much across the board.
  • 🇨🇴 Coverage in Colombia. We’re close to launching our first batch of integrations to extract data through our Banking API.

In addition to the product releases, we also have a couple of exciting updates.

Firstly, pretty much in parallel to our launch, Belvo was selected to participate in Y Combinator’s W20 batch. Thus far it has been a phenomenal and transformational experience. And we feel truly humbled and privileged to have had this opportunity. More about our presence at Y Combinator can be found in this TechCrunch article.

Secondly, the team has grown to almost 20 people in the last few weeks. We’ve recently welcomed Maria (Head of People), Jordi (Data Science Engineer), Tolo (Backend Engineer), Sabrina (Backend intern) and Jorge (Head of Business Development). Here’s a recent picture of the team 😀

We’re currently hiring for a number of roles in Mexico and Barcelona and will be opening up more in the coming weeks. All current and future openings will be posted here.

If there’s anything you’d like to reach out to us about, let us know.

Stay tuned for more updates coming from us soon!

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