Belvolution 2024: embracing challenges together

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Belvolution 2024: embracing challenges together

One more year, all Belvoers gathered for our annual kick-off event to celebrate our achievements, plan our next steps, and enjoy time together as a team.

The anticipation and excitement were palpable as Belvoers from all countries gathered again for our annual kick-off event, Belvolution 2024. This event is more than just a celebration; it’s already a tradition that marks a collective reflection on our accomplishments, learning experiences, and the road ahead.

In the true spirit of Belvo, the team gathered in Mexico, Brazil, and Spain for a company-wide event that transcends borders. After an intense year of consolidation in the open finance ecosystem, new product launches, exciting partnerships, and growth as a team, it was time to get together to define our strategy for the year ahead. 

Team picture in the Barcelona offsite.

“It was absolutely enjoyable to meet in person those I work with and share the excitement with the company’s plans for the year ahead of us. We lived great moments and strengthened collaboration beyond geographic distances. May these experiences inspire us to thrive together with the common goal of making Belvo an even better place to be,”

Francisco Pompeo, Business Operations Executive 

After hearing our plans for 2024 from different teams in the company, we also had the opportunity to engage in insightful panels where we celebrated each other’s victories (and failures) and explored some of the lessons learned along the way. We also invited a stellar lineup of external speakers shaping the startup ecosystem. 

Among them were Javi Suárez, CEO of Oliva, Sofía Mestre, Head of Product at Runa, Víctor Noguera, Cofounder of and Glauber Mota, CEO of Revolut Brazil, as well as relevant investors like Phil Teixeira da Mota, from Shapers, or Santiago Fossatti from Kaszek. Their perspectives made us reflect on our growth and our role as a company, as well as better understand the current state of the ever-evolving fintech landscape.

Beyond the boardrooms and discussions, we made sure to add some fun to the mix. From a thrilling zip line experience in Barcelona followed by seaside paella, to a night of bowling in São Paulo, and adventure sports in Mexico. Strengthening our bonds through shared experiences is as vital as achieving our business goals.

Team picture in the offsite in São Paulo.

“Belvolution is an opportunity for us to immerse ourselves in an environment where we not only learn more about the company’s goals but also about our colleagues: their passions, perspectives, and worldviews. It is a kind of annual restart from which we emerge renewed and inspired, reflecting on the impact of our work throughout the year and envisioning the horizons that lie ahead”

Amanda Pofahl, Marketing Executive in Brazil.

As we toasted the successes of 2023, we also took a moment to appreciate the milestones that have propelled us forward. This year we surpassed 10 million connected end-user accounts with 160% growth in platform usage. We now proudly work with over 150 major clients in Latin America, including industry leaders such as Mercado Libre, Nubank, Santander, and Kueski, who speak about our impact.

Looking back on the things we’ve launched, 2023 saw the introduction of transformative products that are already reshaping the financial landscape and hold great potential for growth in 2024 Two great examples are employment data as a source for income verification in Mexico and the announcement of the Open Finance Score powered by FICO. Our commitment to driving efficiency in the account-to-account payment ecosystem will also be key this year as we continue improving some of our products like Pix via Open Finance in Brazil and one of our most recently launched, Direct Debit in Mexico

Belvoers in the event in Mexico City after some adventure sports.

“Belvolution is a great experience to catch up with other teams but most importantly a time to take a look back at our achievements and plan ahead for the year to come. It is amazing to see how we grow year over year, the bright future ahead of us, and understand how we’ll be able to tackle new challenges as a team,”

Luis Rojas, Account Executive for financial institutions in Mexico

As we step into 2024, the momentum is only building. Belvo envisions continued growth, solidifying our position as the preferred open finance partner for leading financial and fintech institutions in Latin America. The journey is challenging, but with the constant growth spirit of every Belvoer, we are set to reach new heights.

The journey continues, and the best is yet to come. Here’s to another year of growth, collaboration, and success at Belvo!


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