Open Views 23 brings together open finance leaders in Latin America

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Open Views 23 brings together open finance leaders in Latin America

Open Views 23 will take place online on May 3rd and 4th and will include talks about regulation, local success stories, and worldwide trends. Sign up here.

Following the success of Open Views 22, which brought together 30 speakers and over 2.000 registrants from around the world, Belvo presents the second edition of Open Views, the conference where open finance leaders meet in Latin America.

After a year of essential advancements in the new data-sharing model in the region, from the positioning of Brazil as the next global leader in open finance to significant regulatory developments in Colombia and growing use cases in Mexico, Belvo brings together key players from major banks, regulatory entities, fintech companies, VC funds, and worldwide financial leaders to discuss the next steps towards an open financial landscape in Latin America.

Leading financial institutions such as BBVA, HSBC, Nubank, Citi and Visa, as well as large technology and financial companies such as Mercado Libre and Transunion, international open banking platforms such as Tink and Truelayer and renowned investment funds such as QUED Investors are some of the participants joining the event. So will the main regulatory bodies responsible for open finance across the region, such as Banco Central do Brasil. Open Views 23 will include discussions and workshops in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and the activities will be divided into several tracks: 

  • Regulation talks
  • Success stories 
  • Global trends
  • Workshops 

Some of the topics that will be debated in the previous tracks include the regulatory frameworks already in discussion or taking place in the region, stories from banks and fintech companies that are already bringing new solutions to the market thanks to open finance, the power of the open models to foster financial inclusion, world trends in the open technologies landscape, and specific use cases that are expected to bring significant impact to Latin America, such as lending, and payments powered by open finance models.

“We’re seeing how the rapid changes in regulation, together with evolving consumer needs and the availability of more mature infrastructure are turning Latin America into one of the most exciting financial innovation hubs in the world. At Open Views 23 we want to create a space to share and understand these stories and get inspired from the companies that are building the future of finance in the region with open data and payments models at the heart of them,” explains Pablo Viguera, cofounder of Belvo. 

The virtual event will take place on the 3rd and 4th of May, and will be free and open to the public. Sign up to receive the latest news and get your spot.


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