Open Views 24: from vision to reality, enterprises embrace open finance

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Open Views 24: from vision to reality, enterprises embrace open finance

On its third edition, Open Views 24 will again gather the most relevant voices from the fintech and open finance ecosystems in Latin America in a digital event that will take place on the 13th and 14th of May. 

On the third edition of Open Views, we’re putting the spotlight on how after years of discovery and development, 2024 is the year open finance has already become an essential component of every leading financial innovator in Latin America. 

Building upon the foundation laid by previous years, where innovators explored the potential of open finance to build better financial services, we now see tangible examples of these efforts. Real-world applications are already showing transformative impact as these models reach millions in Latin America, reshaping the financial landscape across the region.

This year we want to let the main drivers of these changes tell the stories of how they’ve ideated, built, and launched new services based on open finance. We also want to explore the convergence of open finance and other trends transforming the financial sector: new payment methods are emerging, alternative data and AI are transforming credit underwriting and large financial institutions are already building new products based on these models.

For this, we’ll have representatives from leading financial institutions like Citi and Banco Inter join us for conversations about how the digital banking industry is adapting to this new paradigm We’ll listen to new players in the credit ecosystem who are tapping on the potential of alternative data to expand the reach of credit to new populations, like Stori, Kueski, or Macropay. And renowned representatives from the venture capital ecosystem in Brazil such as Valor Capital Group, Maya Capital, and NYSE will also shed light on the main trends shaping the fintech ecosystem in 2024 across the region. 

FICO’s Chief Analytics Officer, Scott Zoldi, will join us to explore the convergence of open finance data and ethical AI and how these technologies can transform credit modeling while navigating the challenges of data quality and ethical decision-making.

We’ll also dedicate a special space to the shift toward account-to-account payments that we are seeing across Latin America. In Brazil, we’ll look at the main use cases for Pix via Open Finance, a new way to make Pix payments using the regulated ecosystem in Brazil. In Mexico, we’ll look at the potential of implementing bank payments through direct debit mechanisms, offering more efficiency for recurring transactions.

Finally, we’ll discuss the most recent regulation changes in Latin America, focusing on Colombia. Representatives from the government and the main regulation entities (Unidad de Regulación Financiera, Bancolombia, and the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit), will guide us through what’s happening in the country after the official publication of open finance standards.

Mark your calendars for Open Views 24

Check out the full agenda here and register now to Open Views 24 to engage with the visionaries and thought leaders driving these transformative waves, and discover the strategies and opportunities that will shape the financial landscape for years to come.

The event will be streamed digitally on the 13th and 14th of May.


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