Ready to take Open Finance in Latin America to new heights

Pablo & Uri

Pablo & Uri Co-founders


Ready to take Open Finance in Latin America to new heights

We couldn’t be more excited to have recently announced our $43 million Series A. We’ve been hard at work over the last 12 months since we raised our seed round and are extremely proud to be bringing on board world-class investors to continue supporting us in our vision to empower the next generation of financial innovators in Latin America and help them build more modern, empowering and inclusive products through our Open Finance infrastructure.

As we’ve said time and time again, Latin America is possibly the most exciting and dynamic place to be in right now and a great place to build infrastructure for the next generation of financial products for a huge market. And it’s only going to get more exciting over the next decade as Open Banking and Open Finance will continue to be a key transformational driver for the entire region.

We have very bold and ambitious plans for the quarters and years to come and we wanted to give you a glimpse of some of the things we have in store.

Taking our product to the next level 🚀

Over the next few months, we will double our coverage in terms of financial data institutions (banks and non-banks) connected to our API. By the end of the year, our API will be connected to +80 institutions in Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia. We will also ship many cool products we’ve been working on within our enrichment solutions to provide financial innovators with greater and more actionable insights to evaluate and understand their customers. And we will launch our bank-to-bank payment initiation solution in Mexico and Brazil to simplify how money moves from point A to point B.  

New markets coming soon! 🌎

Today we’re currently operating in Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia but as part of our vision, we aspire to be a truly regional Open Finance solution. While we will continue to focus on our current markets, in the near future we will also aim to support fintechs and financial institutions in other Latin American countries as well as help our current customers expand into those markets. 

Building the best team in Latam fintech 👫

We know that without a great team we can’t build the best product. To date, we have built a 70-strong team of dedicated, passionate, and driven individuals. We are a diverse bunch, we represent 15 nationalities, we are spread across three offices (as well as remote) and we have a lot of fun solving complex problems. The road ahead will require that we continue to bring on board the best and brightest. Over the next months, we will be publishing dozens of openings across locations and functions and want to meet all the exceptional talent that wants to join the ride and build the future of finance, today.

What a ride it’s been so far! We definitely couldn’t have made it without the trust, support, and belief in our vision of all our customers, team members, partners, and investors. So thank you!

But, truth be told, we’re only just getting started. We can’t wait for what’s next and to continue supporting the next generation of builders in finance in Latin America. With $53m raised in just 12 months, we are well equipped to keep pushing and taking Open Finance to new heights in Latin America.

Let’s go!

Pablo and Uri (Belvo’s co-CEOs and cofounders)


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