Top fintech influencers to follow in 2021

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Top fintech influencers to follow in 2021

Who are the top fintech influencers that you need to follow in 2021?

New acquisitions, product releases, and regulatory updates are constantly changing the fintech ecosystem. The landscape is evolving quickly, with new players coming into the scene every day, and consumers’ behavior adapting fast to new digital products. 

Following all these trends can be challenging. Luckily, there is a large number of experts across the world that share the most relevant news, analysis, and behind-the-scenes insights about this fast-changing ecosystem on their social media accounts. 

Fintech influencers in 2021

These are some of the most active fintech influencers that you need to follow in 2021 to know everything you need about fintech, open banking, crypto, challenger and neobanks, and much more: 

Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor is one of the cofounders of 11FS, a consultancy firm specializing in fintech, and founder of GDF, an industry body promoting the development of best practices and conduct standards for the crypto asset industry. 

He is also the host of the Fintech Insiders podcast and is behind Fintech Brain Food, a weekly newsletter where he shares his analysis about the most recent movements in the industry, including funding rounds, acquisitions, new players, and successful startups’ business models. 

Spiros Margaris

Spiros Margaris is a former top executive in the private banking and hedge fund industry, now venture capitalist and founder of margaris ventures. He’s considered one of the most prominent voices in the fintech ecosystem and advises startups in the insurtech, blockchain, and artificial intelligence spaces. 

Margaris is also a senior advisor and/or board member of many companies. You can follow him on Twitter and also listen to him on the Be More Fear Less Open Up podcast. 

Linas Beliūnas

If you’re interested in following the crypto space, Linas Beliūnas is one of the influencers you definitely need to know. 

He’s Country Manager for Europe at payments company Flutterwave, and on his Twitter account, you can read his in-depth analysis of the evolution of the crypto assets market; as well as relevant news about how blockchain technology and fintech business models are changing the financial landscape. 

Anna Irrera

Anna Irrera is Reuters’ Fintech Chief Correspondent and one of the most respected journalists in the financial technology world. She curates a newsletter with the most relevant fintech news of each week. 

Based in London, she follows investment rounds in fintech, as well as news and scoops around Bitcoin and the crypto markets. She previously held a similar role at Financial News, a Dow Jones publication.

Jonathan Hilton

Based in Mexico, Jonathan Hilton is the founder of Edufintech, a consulting firm specializing in fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies.

On his YouTube channel, he shares his knowledge about how companies can benefit from these technologies from an educational angle

Bruno Diniz

Bruno Diniz is a fintech advisor, author and professor, co-founder of Spiralem, a consultancy firm focused on innovation for the financial market. After developing his career in Brazilian financial institutions, he started to get involved in the startup and fintech scene in the country.

In 2016, Bruno Diniz was named the most influential person in Brazil in the Fintech segment by the European portal INVYO Insights. And, in 2019, he published his book “O Fenômeno Fintech”, the first book on Fintech by a Brazilian author published by Alta Books.

Nik Milanovic

Nik Milanovic is the former head of strategy at companies like Petal and Funding Circle, currently working on business development and strategy for Google Pay and Google Finance. 

He also curates a weekly newsletter with his opinions on “all things financial technology”. Follow him for an in-depth analysis of how the financial sector is renewing its infrastructure. 

Leandro Pupe Nóbrega

Leandro Pupe Nóbrega is a professor and expert in digital products who’s worked in Open Banking initiatives at Banco do Brasil. Now, Operations Lead at Belvo.

He also represents the community of Open Banking in Brazil, providing content and organizing events to encourage discussions about open APIs, the Brazilian GDPR (Data Protection Law), PIX (instant payments), and other technological movements in the financial field.  

Marie Walker

Marie Walker is co-founder and Head of Content at Open Future World, a global reach publication focused on the world of open banking and open finance. 

Follow her, as well as the Open Future World account on Twitter, to read daily updates on what’s worth paying attention to in the global open banking and open finance ecosystem.

Edwin Zacipa

Edwin Zacipa is one of the main fintech influencers in Latin America. Based in Colombia, he is an entrepreneur with experience in retail banking, co-founder and former managing director at the Colombian Fintech Association

He now leads operations for Open Vector, a British consulting firm specializing in Open Banking. Follow him for the latest news about regulation in the Latin American financial sector. 

Danylo Martins

Danylo Martins is a journalist covering the fintech sector and startup ecosystem in Brazil

He’s also the founder and editor at Finsiders, an important main digital media outlets in the country that follow the latest updates about Brazilian neobanks, fintech startups, and emerging digital players. 

One of the top topics that fintech influencers are focusing on this year is Open Banking –or Open Finance–, if you want to learn more about how this new paradigm is disrupting banking across Latin America, check out our report 👇



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